Déjà Vu and 1979

The Xiden Administration quietly dropped the Houthi jihadis in Yemen (backed by Iran) from the list of foreign terrorist organizations. Today, it was reported the Houthis stormed our embassy in Sana’a, seizing large quantities of equipment and materials. They also kidnapped several Yemenis employed at the embassy.

The State Department says that they’re working on the problem seeking a solution through diplomatic channels. That’s what they said about the problem in Tehran in 1979.

It really is looking as if Carter’s second term was grossly overly optimistic for the next few years. Even Buchanan’s second term may be better than we can expect.

Mid-East Policy and MSM Melt Down Simultaneously

The Main Stream Media is in the tank for the Obama reelection campaign, and their coverage of the latest disasters in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen has been more for the President’s backside rather than the facts on the ground. Prof. Jacobson has a report on the MSM’s misbehavior at Legal Insurrection. (H/T, The Other McCain)

I find the way the MSM has gone after Mitt Romney while giving Barack Obama a pass to be particularly disturbing.

Sure enough, after the press conference The Right Scoop posted an open-mic audio of journalists (one of whom was believed to be from CBS) coordinating their questions down to the specific wording so that no matter on whom Romney called, the question they wanted asked would get asked precisely as they wanted it.  [Update — it was CBS and NPR reporters voices.] And that question was one framed to damage Romney politically, to put spin on his prior statements, to create news instead of reporting on it.

Read the whole thing.

Is it November yet?