Room for Only One Kind of Dope at the White House?

I see in the news that the White House is firing some staffers and placing others on remote work schedules because they admitted to prior use of marijuana, and that’s causing issues with their security clearances. Thus far, I’ve seen no reporting on the status of the security clearances for other admitted marijuana users, including the Vice President and at least one former President.


The Washington Times reports that as of day 42 of the Xiden administration—the President hasn’t held a solo press briefing, the White House refuses to publish his daily schedule, visitor logs have been restricted, and has disabled all public comments and petitions on the site.

Also, President Xiden signed an executive order ending the requirement for federal agencies publicly post the reasoning behind their policies. The White House Press Secretary has explained that requiring bureaucrats to offer reasons for what they do is too “cumbersome” and presents unnecessary hurdles for the administration.

Democracy Dies in Derpness™.

I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

WaPo reports that the White House has blown the cover of the CIA top officer in Afghanistan.

The CIA’s top officer in Kabul was exposed Saturday by the White House when his name was inadvertently included on a list provided to news organizations of senior U.S. officials participating in President Obama’s surprise visit with U.S. troops.

The White House recognized the mistake and quickly issued a revised list that did not include the individual, who had been identified on the initial release as the “Chief of Station” in Kabul, a designation used by the CIA for its highest-ranking spy in a country.

Just wait until this bunch is in charge of your healthcare.

Oh …

Transparency Means You Can See Right Though ‘Em

President Obama published a memo to the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies on transparency in government. You can read the whole thing here. It says in part:

Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing.  Information maintained by the Federal Government is a national asset. My Administration will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to disclose information rapidly in forms that the public can readily find and use.

“… consistent with law and policy …” Those should not be weasel words, but they are. What happens when it is the Administration’s policy to deceive the public?

Obamacare happens. Benghazi happens. Fast and Furious happens. The IRS 501(c)3 debacle happens. NSA overreach happens. The unemployment statistics falsification happens.

The expectation that the government is lying happens. That expectation is becoming so pervasive that even the main steam media is having to take notice and challenge White House claims.

It really doesn’t matter whether the screwups are the result of incompetence as Chis Christie suggests (“they’ve never run anything before”) or corruption or some mix of them plus other factors. The result has been increased transparency. Folks are now looking for the gotcha, the weasel words, or the flat-out lie in whatever comes out of the White House, and, with that increased attention, are beginning to see right through the PR.

Like Watergate?

I’m beginning to hear rumblings of “just like Watergate” in discussions of both the Benghazi and IRS v. Tea Party stories.

Really? Watergate, after all, was only a third-rate burglary according the administration in the White House at the time.

I suppose that having a body count has kept the White House from pooh-poohing the attack on the consulate as merely a “third-world mugging,” but the IRS story is already being pitched as overzealous low-level workers exceeding their authority.

Ah, what difference, at this point, does it make?

White House Doubles Down on TSA Detention of Sen. Paul

Video here.

UPDATE—Howard Portnoy comments:

So if a would-be airline passenger is “escorted out of the area by local law-enforcement” and misses his flight, he has not—in the eyes of the White House or TSA—been detained.

Senator Paul maintains that he was detained:

If you’re told you can’t leave, does that count as detention? I tried to leave the cubicle to speak to one of the TSA people and I was barked at: “Do not leave the cubicle!” So, that, to me sounds like I’m being asked not to leave the cubicle. It sounds a little bit like I’m being detained.

How Did This Email Get an 18-Minute Gap?

Among the items covered by Rep. Issa’s subpoena to AG Holder are any communications with Eric Schultz of the White House staff. Mr. Schultz has most recently been in the news for cursing at CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson. More here.

We’ve been down this road before. Subpoenas, hearings, …

UPDATE–CNN has a story showing that President Obama made a public comment about Fast and Furious before AG Holder claims he knew anything about it. Video here. The President said in March that the AG already had started an internal investigation on Fast and Furious, yet AG Holder said in May that he has only just heard of the operation.

Curiouser and curiouser.

UPDATE 2–Grenades?