Our Betters and Vogons

We Deplorables just won’t get in line and follow the dictates from Our Betters. In 2016, we rebelled and vote in Brexit and elected Donald Trump. Now, we’ve messed with the stock market via L’Affaire GameStop.

Our Betters’ reactions to our various rebellious activities remind me of some characters from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—the Vogons.

They are one of the most unpleasant races in the Galaxy. Not actually evil, but bad-tempered, bureaucratic, officious and callous. They wouldn’t even lift a finger to save their own grandmothers from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal without orders – signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters. The best way to get a drink out of a Vogon is to stick your finger down his throat, and the best way to irritate him is to feed his grandmother to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. On no account should you allow a Vogon to read poetry at you.

There are similarities, and there are differences. For example, the poetry (and a staggering majority of other art) being published by Our Betters today isn’t very good, and Our Betters would mostly rather virtue signal than actually get their hands dirty. And as for bureaucracy, it’s Our Betters who make up the Deep State and almost all of Big Tech. The Vogons scream, “Resistance is useless,” at their prisoners. Our Betters shutdown our social media accounts.

The principal difference I see is that the Vogons aren’t actually evil. I’m not sure that can be said for a significant group among Our Betters.

BTW, resistance isn’t useless. The four years of the Trump Administration provide some real benefits such as lower unemployment, real growth in wages, and a cohort to judges who believe in following the law. The GameStop stock deals turned the tables on some Wall Street insiders, doing to them what they believed they had the right to do to retail investors. I’ve got no idea what the next act of rebellion will be, but it will come.

Stay tuned.

The Usual Suspects

Ed Morrissey is

Glad to see that the wizards of finance have finally begun to realize who they backed, but it’s hardly impressive. They clearly deserve an award that speaks to their cluelessness, if not their disingenuity, at their shock, shock at class-warfare cheerleading in the Democratic Party:

Enjoy the video after you read the whole thing.

I’m not as surprised as Mr. Morrissey about how the alliance between Wall Street and the Democrats came to be. Who wound up on Wall Street over the last couple of decades? Yuppie liberal arts majors, smart guys whose good SAT scores got them into elite schools where they didn’t learn about dealing with the real world on the real world’s terms. They made deals instead of making real stuff. They imagined that since they could create “wealth” on paper, it was possible to reconfigure the world as they wished, so they supported politicians who wanted to change the world by fiat.

Meanwhile, some other people studied disciplines such as engineering and the hard sciences. They created the personal computer, the Internet, new drugs, and all the other stuff that enriches the material side of modern life. One of the principles they learned early on was the Second Law of Thermodynamics–There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

The Wall Street yuppies are now beginning to learn that lesson. They will pay full price for it, plus many years’ interest.

Full of Sound and Fury

Karl at Hot Air notes the futility of the “occupation” of Wall Street. He describes it as full of “sound and fury” and opines that real beneficiary will be the GOP.

Perhaps a more complete quote from Macbeth better describes the situation:

… [I]t is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

UPDATE—House Progressive Democrats Embrace the “Occupy Wall Street” Campers

To quote Jonah Goldberg,


UPDATE 2—Joan Wile has a blog report up describing Charlie Rangel’s visit to support the “occupiers” last Saturday.

Dennis the Peasant on Wall Street

Lots of folks seem to be making a connection between the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the Socialist Peasant scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

For example, here. And here. And here. These links range from right to left across the political spectrum.

The Python line that popped in to my mind when looking at coverage of the Wall Street “occupation” was the one that referred to the Loonie Detector Van.