Discovery Will Be Entertaining

If the Vindman v. Trump, et al. LOLsuit survives motions to dismiss and proceeds to discovery, the defendants are going to have the opportunity to pose interrogatories and conduct depositions under oath.

Vindman says that he only discussed the Zelensky phone call with George Kent and the “whistleblower” (who has been identified as Eric Ciaramella). What exactly was discussed?

Ciaramella will undoubtedly be asked about his interactions with Adam Schiff, which should lead to Schiff being deposed as well.

Given the recently published 2016 State Department from George Kent expressing concern about the appearance of corruption in Hunter Biden’s Burisma connections, the defendants will surely seek to gather evidence supporting Trump’s legitimate concerns about the Biden’s. Vindman’s bias will be throughly explored.

I’m buying more popcorn futures.