Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It’s really beginning to look as if The Dread Deadbeat Publisher Kimberlin has given up on Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Brett Unread. It’s been seven weeks since any fresh content was added.Of course, BU isn’t his most neglected site. Some have been left to rot for years, for example, issaoversight dot org. Here’s the most recent item I could find on that site:Zooming in on the date shows that the page is almost three years old.

Several of the links on the site are broken and the Follow Us On Facebook button is dead, but the DONATE button works.

Congressman Issa is retiring at the end of this term. I wonder if TDPK will bother to take the site down.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

800-vote-tipBrett Kimberlin achieved his third wave of fame by being publicly upset about election integrity. Episode 1 was the Speedway Bombings, and episode 2 was the story about selling dope to Dan Quayle. Episode 4 has been his anti-First-Amendment lawfare.

During the 2008, Kimberlin and his Velvet Revolution US co-founder Brad Friedman set up an 800 number for tips about voter fraud. The number is still advertised on the Velvet Revolution US home page (No, I won’t link to it.)

I called the number yesterday and got a recorded message from the 800 number reseller who owns the line offering it for lease. Velvet Revolution hasn’t been using it for a while.

I wonder why their are still promoting an tip line that doesn’t exist?

The Original Velvet Revolution

The Original Velvet Revolution has a status report on their progress made in search listings vis á vis Brett Kimberlin’s Lord Voldemort’s cheesy website that misappropriates the name of the Czechoslovakian revolution of 1989.

As you can see, Kimberlin’s “Velveeta Revolution” (as a wag at Stacy McCain’s site called it) occupies the coveted second and third places on a Google search for Velvet Revolution. This site is in eighth place, and gaining, thanks to you.

Justice through blogging!

The time to face the music draws near.

Taking History Back

There’s a new blog out there called Velvet Revolution. It’s not one of Brett Kimberlin’s Lord Voldemort’s scams. It’s about the Velvet Revolution. The real one. The one led by Vaclav Havel.

Brett Kimberlin, and his associate Brad Friedman, do not own the name “Velvet Revolution”. They do not, and cannot, claim trademark or copyright protection in the term, because in the realm of politics, where Kimberlin and Friedman seek to meddle, the term “Velvet Revolution” is more generic than “Jell-O”.

Likewise, we do not own the name “Velvet Revolution”. No one owns the term. The Czechs and Slovaks who put their lives on the line in 1989 have a pretty strong moral claim, but they’re all in MittelEuropa. The Czechs and Slovaks have bigger problems than one terrorist moonbat making a mockery of a First Amendment that they don’t have anyway.

So we’re taking the name back, for them.


UPDATE–Other folks are picking up on this new site. Bob Belvedere. Michelle Malkin.

Get ’em skeered and keep the skeer on ’em!

UPDATE 2–The real Velvet Revolution is asking bloggers to link and blog roll the site (and put it on Twitter and Facebook) in order to move it up above Lord Voldemort’s site on Google, Bing, and the like. It is now in the Hogewash! blog roll. As The Right Sphere notes:

It’s easy, effective, and will work if enough people with blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts do it. Part of Kimberlin’s strategy has to be SEO based. This is why he’s so afraid of people writing about him. The more people write about him, the higher those stories – instead of his preferred links – get listed on search results. And the more people see who Kimberlin is the more people will know that he is trying to shut down free speech.

This really isn’t a partisan thing. Every blogger should be condemning this attack on our right to speak.

Enough is enough. We will not be silenced.