Breathes there a cook with heart so dead that he or she has not, at some point, wanted to kill a vegan?

There is, after all, nothing better calculated to ruin a nice dinner than inviting a vegan along.

Thus begins a piece by Megan McArdle over at WaPo. She’s a former vegan, and her post is about that tribe’s seeming inability to take a joke.

And though I am no longer a member of the tribe, let me delicately suggest that this is yet another area where vegans should forbear in a good cause. Calling for people to be fired from their jobs because they joked about vegans won’t make anyone more enthusiastic about humane food. It will, however, do a great deal to advance the stereotype that vegans are prickly, humorless prigs.

Read the whole thing and remember that vegans aren’t really all that different from other folks who believe they hold the moral high ground.

UPDATE—The Gentle Reader who has been a long-time visitor to this blog should remember that the late Mrs. Hoge was a gourmet cook. She was the founding director of Williams-Sonoma’s cooking school at their South Coast Plaza store and could cook a vegan dish that was actually tasty. However, she was an omnivore who loved a good steak. She also was as an excellent game cook. Our eleventh anniversary, the first after we moved to Maryland, was on open day of deer season. She sent me hunting. Our thirty-third anniversary also fell on opening day, and she asked me to take her hunting.

Mmmmm, venison.