Collateral Damage

The elderly (like me, I’m 72) are particularly at risk during the Wuhan virus pandemic. However, it turns out that children maybe especially at risk from the side effects of the worldwide lockdown response. Issues & Insights has a post up about some of the ways kids may be vulnerable.

The U.N. report notes, for example, that polio vaccination campaigns have been suspended. The crippling childhood disease has not been eradicated from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and there have been outbreaks in Africa, East Asia and the Pacific.

Measles immunization campaigns have been suspended in at least 23 countries that had targeted more than 78 million children, the report says, which will lead to more measles oubreaks. Keep in mind that more than 140,000 people died from measles in 2018, according to the World Health Organization. Most of them were under age 5.

Such problems initially may seem more acute in the third world, but as impoverishment increases in America because of suspended economic activity, it may indeed be our children who are hardest hit by poor nutrition, missed vaccinations, etc.