Band on the Run

While I’m out on the road doing research this weekend, one of the members of the Vast Hogewash Research Organization has volunteered to do some staff posts. Here’s the first one:

As Jim Hoft reported, today marked the eighth US embassy attack during Secretary Clinton’s time in office. Not a good day, unless your only consideration is that today is her final one as Secretary of State.

We could go over all of the senseless expenditures that weren’t used to secure human lives, but in her own words, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Al-Qaeda is in decline. These attacks must be the result of some other forces; a giant cache of secret youtube videos, perhaps?

With respect to a certain video, remember when Charles Woods told Lars Larson that Hillary Clinton assured him “they were going to have that person arrested and prosecuted”? Well, you sure did that, didn’t you, lady.

But as Bill Whittle noted, only Hollywood moguls can assert their First Amendment rights. Not the lowly peasants. Mr. Nakoula should have known better.

And people say tyranny is dead.

Proxy Warfare

Tyrants would rather not go to war, especially if they can get someone else to do their dirty work. For example, Hitler and Stalin fought a proxy war in the 1930s, the Spanish Civil War. J. E. Dyer takes a look at the latest proxy war, the “civil war” in Syria. On the surface it looks like the Sunnis (Turkey and the Saudis) against the Shia (Iran), but it’s more complicated. Russia, Israel, and Greece have common interests that favor neither the Sunnis nor the Shia.  And America isn’t looking after our interests.

None of this would be foreordained if the US took an active role in fostering the best future for Syria. It is important for Americans to understand that the more we recuse ourselves from the conflict in Syria, the more its outcome is guaranteed to be determined by a foreign power at the expense of the Syrian people. We have just about reached the stage at which what’s going on in Syria is not a “Syrian civil war,” but a proxy war between regional powers, whose objectives will frustrate, and in some cases even defeat outright, every single one of the US interests in the Syrian crisis.

Civil war; children and old people mowed down like animals; arms and paramilitary troops flooding into the country; ruthless power struggles between corrupt despots on third-party territory – this is your world, when American power isn’t being exercised.

Read the whole thing.