Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s second amended complaint for his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness simply doesn’t stand up to fact checking. Consider this paragraph.ECF 135-143There are at least two falsehoods concerning me in that paragraph.

First, I have never raised any money by accusing TDPK of SWATting. I have noted the curious coincidence of my codefendants Patterico, Erick Erickson, and Aaron Walker being SWATted immediately after writing or speaking about TDPK, or, in Aaron’s case, beating Kimberlin in court. However, I have never accused Brett Kimberlin of SWATting anyone.

Tip_JarSecond, it’s interesting that TDPK claims to be aware of the financial arrangement that I have for processing money coming in via my Tip Jar. He’s dead wrong about how those funds are routed. Neither financial institution involved is a bank. Neither is insured by the FDIC.

BTW, feel free to annoy TDPK by hitting my Tip Jar.



Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin seemed especially interested in this blog’s ability to raise money. Here’s part of his direct examination of me during the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit trial.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Right, so and every day you have a post called Team Kimberlin Post of the Day?

MR. HOGE: That’s one of the features of my blog.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Right, uh-huh. And you also have a donate button on your blog where you can raise money and ask people to donate to you, right?

MR. HOGE: Actually it’s called a tip jar, but yes.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Yeah, tip jar, uh-huh. Okay, and you started this campaign called Everybody Blog about the Howard County Prosecutors. Can you tell just why that was started?

MR. HOGE: Yes, the —

MR. OSTRONIC: Objection.

THE COURT: Overruled.

MR. HOGE: Yes, Mr. Walker and his wife showed me credible evidence that you had, in fact, stalked them in the parking lot of the Howard County District Courthouse in Ellicott City. And when Mr. Walker and his wife went to talk with the State’s Attorney’s Office they were told by Assistant State’s Attorney Brewer that if they didn’t want to be harassed they should stay out of Maryland. And that didn’t strike me as responsible way for a State’s Attorney’s Office whether they’re going to nolle pross the, and not follow-up on charge or not, that just struck me as a very unfortunate attitude for a State’s Attorney’s Office. And so I thought they should be held accountable for it.

MR. KIMBERLIN: So you started this campaign and had people calling. How did it work?

MR. HOGE: Well basically the idea was that people should ask the State’s Attorney himself if that was, in fact, his policy.

MR. KIMBERLIN: So that’s where all this Maryland is for Stalkers kind of —

MR. HOGE: I have no idea where exactly that came from. I have seen that there was a blogger who for a short time had on Zazzle which is one of these internet sales companies a bumper sticker that said that. I think it was probably a parody on Virginia being for Lovers.

He brought up the Maryland is for Stalkers bumper sticker while Aaron Walker was on the stand as well. I don’t believe that it has been a very big seller, but it sure got under his skin. Of course, it’s entirely possible that it generated more sales than any of the Team Kimberlin merchandise that was offered by Brietbart Unmasked.

I wonder … is fundraising so precarious at JTMP and VRUS that TDPK is now jealous of my minor league blog?

Oh … one more thing … it seems to annoy Brett Kimberlin for folks to hit my Tip Jar.

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