A Simpler Time

I read something on the web yesterday about how things used to be simpler. That’s true. Let me tell you a true story of a simpler time.

Around 1925, a Klan organizer showed up in the little Tennessee town where my parents grew up. My grandfathers stopped by the place where he was staying. One had a feather pillow. The other had a pail of roofing tar. They told the fellow that if he were still in town the next night they would be back with several friends and a fence rail.

Problem solved.

Neither side of my family has ever had much use for thugs or bullies.

I’ve Been Lucky–So Far

Unlike Karen at The Lonely Conservative, no one has sent me death threats, and no one has tried to steal my identity.

Unlike Stacy McCain, I haven’t had to move my family for their safety.

Unlike Mike Stack, Patrick Frey, Erick Erickson, and Aaron Walker, I haven’t been SWATted, although I have been threatened with a SWATting.

Unlike Aaron Walker, John Norton, and Patrick Frey, I haven’t had to deal with bogus legal action.

Yes, I’ve been lucky this year.

How to Get Banned From Hogewash!

I’ve been off the air for most of the last two days because of this flu. I’m quasi-cogent at the moment with only about 3 degrees of fever. In reviewing some of the stuff I’ve missed, I noticed some whining about not being able to post to the comments here at Hogewash!.

I don’t mind criticism. I don’t mind someone having an opposing view. But there are somethings that will get you banned at this blog.

1. Identity theft. A nom de cyber is OK, but don’t use someone else’s ID.

2. Threats. Not only will you be banned, but the threat will be forwarded to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

3. Excessively foul language or porn.

4. Trolling. It is my policy not to feed trolls.

5. Commercial linking that has nothing to do with the post commented on.

That’s enough for now. I’m going back to bed to sleep off this fever.

Remembering Labor Day

In August, 1975, I went to work for CTS of Paducah as a loudspeaker design engineer. One week later, the contract between the company and the UAW expired, and the union went on strike. While I was walking into the plant on the first day of the strike, I was assaulted by one of the union members. If you take a look at my picture on my ABOUT page, you’ll see that I wear a beard. It covers a scar I received that morning.

Quite literally adding insult to injury, the union goons swore out a complaint against me for assaulting them! After all the legal wrangling and trials, I was acquitted, and the thug who punched me was convicted. There were costs involved then. There have been continuing costs. Imagine all the time I’ve spent during the last 36 years answering the “Have you ever been arrested?” question on security clearance forms.

As for the UAW, I now drive a Honda.