Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It was eleven years ago this week that Brett Kimberlin’s campaign of cyberharassment expanded to include Stacy McCain as well as Aaron Walker. Eleven years ago today, Kimberlin’s PR site Breitbart Unmasked ran a series of five posts filled with lies about both Stacy and Aaron trying to frame a narrative to support Kimberlin’s attempt at brass knuckles reputation management. One of the posts ended with these words.

The story is being ginned up to gain a major news organization to follow it. The right wingers have been tweeting every minute for the last week trying to gin up interest in Brett Kimberlin who they have vowed to destroy. So this is just another ploy to gain more interest, and of course be able to claim that they are all being attacked and silenced by liberals, which is a common refrain from right wing extremists who feel they are not being allowed to have a voice, and that others, including liberals, are working hard to suppress their free speech rights.

I am sure we will hear more of this story as it goes on.

We have hears quite a bit about the Saga of Team Kimberlin, and I’m not done with them yet.

Oh, and about Kimberlin’s reputation: He’s still the Speedway Bomber.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Not all the threats from Team Kimberlin have been idle, but some weren’t carried through quickly. For example, the threat of filing a false criminal complaint for the imaginary cyberstalking of Tetyana Kimberlin’s elder daughter didn’t occur on the time table published on Breitbart Unmasked. The TKPOTD for six years ago today took notice of the original failure to follow through on that threat.

* * * * *

I thought that Bunny Boy over at Breitbart Unmasked said that I should expect criminal charges to be filed for my alleged perjury last Friday. I thought he said something about them coming last Monday.

I checked the Maryland Judiciary Case Search database at 9:00 pm last night.


popcorn4bkMeanwhile, pushback has already started in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO2 suit against Team Themis, et al., and. later today, I’ll be mailing my motion to dismiss the Cabin Boy’s™ latest Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al. nuisance lawsuit.

What with discovery in Kimberlin v. Frey and other thing that are afoot, there’s lots more legal paperwork headed Team Kimberlin’s way.

Stay tuned.

* * * * *

The false complaint wasn’t filed until after The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin lost the appeal of his bogus peace order petition in Circuit Court. Of course, the State’s Attorney dropped the charge because there was no evidence to support it.

TDPK should have left well enough alone. He didn’t, and that decision was and continues to be costly for him.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Back in 2013, Bill Schmalfeldt put out a series of threats to engage in harassment of various bloggers families. Because the Cabin Boy™ had already been harassing families with small children, my Son (who was in his 20s at the time) suggested that Schmalfeldt should try to come after him rather than a picking on little kids. That cased one of the all-time record Feltdowns on Twitter to which I responded with post titled Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt Takes the Bait, Again. It ran eight years ago today. Extended pointage, laughery, and mockification ensued.

* * * * *

I’ve been fortunate that Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s attempts at harassing me have been so inept that they actually have been a source of bemused amusement. That hasn’t been the case for other targets such as Stacy McCain or Lee Stranahan. They have been the recipients of massive trolling and harassment directed not only at them but also at their families.

When CBBS has started up on me, I’ve generally let him roll for a while before making some tangentially related comment. He and his buddies and sock puppets will, without fail, jump on that comment. I’ll let them go on for an hour or so and then tweet that they’ve taken the bait. The trolling ends within minutes.

My son read a tweet by CBBS yesterday that implied that he intended to engage in some more cyberbullying of his previous targets. Given that some of those families have young children, my son decided to put himself in between the bully and the little kids.

CBBS took the bait.

He has been going on about being murdered by my son. Of course, Will has never threatened Bill Schmalfeldt. If his guest post had contained any threat, it would never have been on Hogewash!—this blog does not engage in threats, and any threats received are immediately reported to law enforcement.

One rather silly thing that CBBS has done is to put up a poorly altered version of the photo Will posted of himself, replacing Will’s head with Porky Pig’s. (No, I won’t link to it.) Will’s reaction: “What do you expect from a Loonie Toon?”

Hmmmm. Perhaps, CBBS should be more afraid of Judge Doom and The Dip.

For now … That’s all, folks!

UPDATE—Bill Schmalfeldt appears to want to further beclown himself with his unhinged rants about my son and me. That’s fine by us. Neither of us cares what a foolish fellow with diminishingly small credibility has to say about us. More important, every effort he expends spinning his wheels trying to get our attention is energy he doesn’t spend harassing others. That’s a win-win for Will and me.

Have at it with your BS, BS.

FINAL UPDATE—ROFL. Black Betty included a link to this picture in her comment below. I’m posting it here in order to save the Gentle Reader a mouse click. As I type this, CBBS and Breitbart Unmasked are wasting bandwidth with potty-mouthed tweets about Will and me. Good. It keeps them off of someone else’s back.ThecrewBill Schmalfeldt has filed a DMCA takedown notice on the original parody image. This will have to do for now:thecrew2

* * * * *

That was the first of several false DMCA claims by Schmalfeldt, none of which worked out well for him.

They’re Not Gonna Like Their New Rules …

… or at lest, Chuck Schumer won’t if one of those New Rules is enforced against him as it would be enforced against a Deporable.

The Minority Leader made remarks earlier this week that most rational people (and even some Democrats) found to be threats against two Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, Neal Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. Based on those remarks, the Second Amendment civil rights organization Gun Owners of America has sent a letter to New York Governor Cuomo seeking a Temporary Extreme Risk Protection Order (Red Flag Order) against Senator Schumer.

I hate say it, but I’m betting against equal justice under law in this case.

Say What?

Apparently one of Sore Loserman Bill’s buddies doesn’t understand the peace order.

Boiler Room Worker ‏@SlinkyBewmont
@wjjhoge Respect that court order and you refrain from contacting parodying, referencing or mentioning him. Otherwise I am coming after you.
2:16 AM – 26 Jul 13 GMT

The order instructs Schmalfeldt not to contact, attempt to contact, or harass me. It is in effect through 14 December. He is the subject of the order not me.

Bill Schmalfeldt has the same right to engage in public comment about me, to parody me, and to talk about me that he had before the order was issued, but, of course, those First Amendment rights have always been limited by such things as defamation or threats. What he can’t do for the next few months is communicate with me either directly or indirectly.

That creates an interesting question. Should he have filed a motion with the Circuit Court for leave to communicate a DMCA takedown notice to me? The lawyers I’ve talked to are split on whether such a motion would be necessary, but they all say that such a motion would have been the best way for him to proceed. It’s not my problem. I just log possible violations and forward them to my lawyer.

But back to this Boiler Room Worker person … First, I report all threats to law enforcement. Second, you’ll find my address on the DMCA Contact page.

On Threats

Threats sent to the Comment Section of this blog are reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies—whether they make it through moderation or not.

In addition, threats and posting or attempting to post comment under someone else’s ID are violations of the Terms of Service of both Hogewash! and

I’ve Been Lucky–So Far

Unlike Karen at The Lonely Conservative, no one has sent me death threats, and no one has tried to steal my identity.

Unlike Stacy McCain, I haven’t had to move my family for their safety.

Unlike Mike Stack, Patrick Frey, Erick Erickson, and Aaron Walker, I haven’t been SWATted, although I have been threatened with a SWATting.

Unlike Aaron Walker, John Norton, and Patrick Frey, I haven’t had to deal with bogus legal action.

Yes, I’ve been lucky this year.

Snark, Threats, and BS

Although I generally keep most such nonsense out of the comments section, the Gentle Reader should be aware that Hogewash! continues to receive snide and childish taunts from Team Kimberlin and/or its fanboys and enablers. These are archived against the day that they might be useful—as are the threats that still come in.

As to the taunts … Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

As to the threats … I’m not afraid of sticks or stones.