An Unlikely Ally

The Nation has a post up titled The Mueller Indictments Still Don’t Add Up to Collusion. Normally, one wouldn’t expect The Nation to be supportive of Donald Trump, and it may be that they’re really not in this case. The magazine has a history of … how shall I phrase this … favorable reporting … yeah, that’s the ticket … favorable reporting on Russia. So any aid they give to the President may only be a by product of their real intention.

The January 2017 intelligence report begat an endless cycle of innuendo and unverified claims, inculcating the public with fears of a massive Russian interference operation and suspicions of the Trump campaign’s complicity. The evidence to date casts doubt on the merits of this national preoccupation, and with it, the judgment of the intelligence, political, and media figures who have elevated it to such prominence.

Read the whole thing anyway.

The Nation and Postage Due

The Nation is asking it’s subscribers to “donate” $120,272 to cover increased postage costs. The magazine is blaming the rate increase on “Tea Party Republicans.”

The postage rate increase was driven by the need to put the funding of the retirement benefits of postal workers on a more fiscally sound basis. It’s interesting that a leftwing publication is complaining that the Tea Party wants the bosses to give the workers their due.