Speaking Truth to Power

I’m so old I remember when it was fashionable for those on the left to favor non-violent protest. Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Vaclav Havel, and Desmond Tutu were honored by the Left as heroic figures because they engaged in speaking truth to power rather than violent revolution.

Fashions change.

These days, it may seem the Left has taken Noam Chomsky’s analysis to heart—power knows the truth already and is busy concealing it—but I don’t believe that’s what’s motivating them. Given the Left’s move from liberalism to marxism, their worldview is no longer centered on truth. Instead, it is all about power. Truth has become, if not irrelevant, their enemy.

The Left is now speaking shouting power at truth.

The Left fails to understand is that there is nothing more powerful than Truth in the long run. They have chosen poorly.

What’s Confusing Them Is The Nature Of His Game

Sarah Hoyt has a post titled Those Who Walked Away From Sanity over at PJ Media about deals with the Devil (whether you believe in him or not) and the Establishment Left. She notes that such deals always seem to have a bad ending. I would add that they end as in the earliest versions of the Faust legend. Faust only got a few years of service from Mephistopheles and no lucky breaks.

And now the worm is turning. The ground is shifting under their feet. People are going around them, not making obeisance. The industries are shrinking. There is less power, less money, less adulation in the path they chose than they thought there would be.

But that’s where they are.

A lot of the unhinged rage from the left is the rage of the dupe who finds out exactly how the devil swindled them.

Sure, they’ll never admit it. A lot of them will cling to the crazy left harder than ever, rather than admit what they did.

But something deep within them has broken and is crying quietly for what they used to be; for what they might have been.

It can’t be consoled.

All they can do, instead, is shout louder, backstab faster, threaten more, and spin more deranged versions of reality.

Read the whole thing.

And don’t be evil or make deals with The Evil One.

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Trump’s Speech

The President spoke to Congress last night. I’m not going to do a review of his speech. You can find more of those than you want on the Interwebz already. This is about the Left’s reactions to the speech.

They didn’t like it.

That’s not surprising. They don’t like Trump, and they don’t like his expressed intention to rein in the size of government. But what they really seem to be upset about is almost-but-not-quite-completely-levelheaded demeanor of the speech. It was almost … well … presidential.

There are parallels being drawn between Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump. Jackson is generally graded poorly for his methods and well for his results. Jackson is credited with advancing the interests of the folks on the frontier (flyover country) over those of the coastal elites. Jackson permanently changed the way American politics were done for a century. If Trump has a similar impact on the county and politics, he will truly be the Left’s worst nightmare, and last night’s speech will have been akin to a visit to Room 101 for them.