I’ll Just Have to Wait


boyscoutpopcornIt does look like I won’t be seeing that exposé about me in The Examiner any time soon.

The Cabin Boy seems upset with the day’s events. It may be interesting to see how he acts out.BL201309231520ZUPDATE—Stacy McCain weighs in here. Money quote:

Bad things are going to happen to us — Bill says he knows this — but he is “not responsible” for it? Of course, there are those who believe Bill Schmalfeldt is quite literally insane, so in a sense, he isn’t responsible. But I don’t think he meant it that way.

Read the whole thing.

#BillSchmalfeldt Tells Another Lie

The following was posted this evening over at teamschmalfeldt dot com:

I saw that his Twitter handle @Aaronworthing was mistakenly telling people that I had occupied a new Twitter site, @HowardCoLiberal.

Well, whoever DID own it started getting spam trolled immediately from the looks of it. He tried changing the account’s name to @HoCoLiberal, but it was too late. The robots at Twitter had received enough “report this site for spam” complaints at the request of @Aaronworthing and Todd “Look at My Penis” Kincannon’s #TGDN trolls to automatically suspend it. So some poor schmuck in Howard County, Maryland? Missouri? No idea. Some poor douchenozzle gets his Twitter account suspended and he doesn’t even know why.

Let me get this straight. The Cabin Boy is claiming that @HowardCoLiberal wasn’t his Twitter account. Really? It must have belonged to some other Bill S. who knew @BreitbartUnmask, @whoisnumbernone, @osborneink, @wilsb8, and Xcitizen10, and who used the outline of Howard County, Maryland, as part of his avatar.hcl201309221721ZOr it must have been that Lester Klemper fellow over at the Examiner pretending to be Bill Schmalfeldt.examiner_lester_klemper

Either that or Bill Schmalfeldt has been caught in one more lie.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has more here.