Prevarication Du Jour

WMS20131031157ZBill Schmalfeldt has, of course, guessed wrong. He is making an assertion without offering any evidence. It is not my obligation to disprove his fantasy. He said that I committed a particular act with no evidence to support his story. He is on the hook to prove he isn’t lying.

He can’t. But let’s pretend for a moment that he can. OK, for every unrefunded donation to Tetyana’s Fund (other than mine) that Schmalfeldt can prove, I will refund that donation and match it ten-for-one with a donation to the National Parkinson Foundation.

It’s time for the Cabin Boy to put up or shut up.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy says that he will stick by his story.WMS201311032001ZFine. He may do so, but the Gentle Reader is also free to take notice of the fact that he offers no evidence to support his story.

So I will leave it at this. Bill Schmalfeldt, who has a long history of making unsupported false accusations, has made another accusation completely unsupported by any evidence. I, on the other hand, have published what I can without breaching the confidentiality promised to donors. People will believe what they will.

I seriously doubt that any responsible person who honestly weighs the evidence will believe a proven liar like Bill Schmalfeldt.

UPDATE 2—I’ve decided that Stacy McCain and Ken White are right. The Cabin Boy is a deranged cyberstalker and a demented freak.

Tetyana’s Fund

Last Friday, Hogewash! suspended accepting donations to Tetyana’s Fund at the request of Tetyana Kimberlin. At that point, the fund had raised $3,555. At her request, all money raised in excess of actual legal expenses was to be returned to the donors. One of the principal donors has stepped forward with the cash to allow every donor who used PayPal to be refunded in full.

The actual expenses of the fund were $3,000.

The fund is now closed.

UPDATE—As trustee of the fund, I paid Zoa Barnes who served as Tetyana Kimberlin’s lawyer. Here is the cancelled check. I advanced the money to fund which would have otherwise run with a negative balance until donations began to be solicited on 12 August, the day of the hearing.zcheck4t

#Kimberbot Jibberish

Someone from Team Kimberlin or one of their enablers attempt to make these posts to the Tetyana’s Fund page—TK201308131617Z

Hogewash! doesn’t collect much personal information, but PayPal does. Since that may bother some fearful liberals, Hogewash! hereby adopts the following policy:

All donor personal information received from PayPal connected with a donation to Tetyana’s Fund will be considered privileged information that will not be released to any third party (including Tetyana Kimberlin) without the explicit written permission of the donor or unless the release of information is required by law, regulation, or court order.


Nice try, but Brett’s gonna have to work harder than for that information.

Anything of Value

While he had me on the witness stand yesterday in Kimberlin v. Kimberlin, Brett Kimberlin asked me if I had provided anything of value to Tetyana Kimberlin.

I answered truthfully that I had once bought her lunch.

He then asked me if I had paid for her lawyer.

I answered truthfully that I am one of the donors who had contributed toward Tetyana’s legal fees.

You can donate to help Tetyana get herself and her children away from her abusive husband. Click on the Tetyana’s Fund link to learn more.

#BillSchmalfeldt and Tetyana’s Fund

Here is what the Cabin Boy has said about Tetyana’s Fund.

Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ali begins with a pitch for hogewash saying it’s hugely important that you go there and give money to the TK fund. Which, of course…
12:19 PM – 13 Aug 13 GMT

Bill Schmalfeldt ‏Will be split by @ali, Hoge, @rsmccain, @aaronworthing and TK won’t see a nickel ofit.
12:20 PM – 13 Aug 13 GMT

Schmalfeldt seems to think that Tetyana’s Fund is operated on the same model as the Justice Through Music Project Pussy Riot Defense Fund (No, I won’t link to it.) which raises money for JTMP but not for the Russian band or it’s legal defense.

Tetyana Kimberlin is trying to get herself free from her abusive husband. She is trying to get her children away from her pedophile husband. (BTW, when Tetyana’s daughter was excluded from the courtroom as a potential witness yesterday, Brett placed her in the care of convicted child pornographer and unregistered sex offender Craig Gillette.) Tetyana is losing her apartment because her landlord has been harassed by Brett Kimberlin.

There’s a PayPal donation button over on the Tetyana’s Fund page. After PayPal takes it’s cut, 100% of the donations will be used either for Tetyana’s legal expenses or costs associated with resettling her and her children. 100% of all funds that come via checks or money orders will be similarly used. Hogewash! is covering all of the administrative costs of the fund as part of my donation.

Tetyana’s Fund

Tetyana Kimberlin has been trying to get herself and her children away from Brett Kimberlin for several years. During that time, he as used mentally abusive tactics to keep her and her children bound to him.

Brett Kimberlin met Tetyana in Ukraine when she was 14. He brought her to Maryland and had sexual intercourse with her while she was still 15. That is the basis of her charging him with sexual offense in the third degree, what most people would call statutory rape. He obtained a marriage license using forged documents and married her when she was 16. The legal age for marriage without parental consent in Maryland is 18. Brett has filed baseless petitions for protective orders and involuntary commitments against Tetyana. She is in the process of divorcing him and seeking custody of her children.

The older daughter is about the same age as Tetyana was when Brett began his seduction of her. The younger daughter is almost the same age as Debbie Barton when Brett took up with her. Debbie Barton is the girl from Indiana whose grandmother was murdered after Brett claim she was harassing him by keeping Debbie away.

Zoa Barnes is representing Tetyana in her legal fight. Tetyana’s initial legal expenses have been underwritten by a pair of generous donors, but more funds need to be raised to carry on what could be a prolonged court fight.

Additionally, Tetyana is losing her apartment because of Brett’s continued harassment of her landlord. She will need help resettling.

If you want to help, click on the Tetyana’s Fund link in the menu bar; there’s a PayPal donate button at the bottom of that page. Hogewash! is underwriting all of the administrative costs of Tetyana’s Fund. After PayPal takes their cut, 100% of all funds donated will go toward Tetyana’s legal expenses and the costs of resettling her and her children in a safe place.