Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

When a felon’s not engaged in his employment
Or maturing his felonious little plans,
His capacity of innocent enjoyment
Is just as great as any honest man’s.

There are no posts planned for the next 24 hours concerning Team Kimberlin. Even an avowed atheist with no one to be thankful to deserves a quiet and peaceful Thanksgiving Day. There will be more days ahead during which we can consider their story, so a day off is in order.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

When a felon’s not engaged in his employment
Or maturing his felonious little plans,
His capacity of innocent enjoyment
Is just as great as any honest man’s.

There are no posts planned for the next 24 hours concerning Team Kimberlin. Even an avowed atheist with no one to be thankful to deserves a quiet and peaceful Thanksgiving Day. There will be more days ahead during which we can consider their story, so a day off is in order.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Sometimes, the members of Team Kimberlin make it almost too easy to use them as the focus of pointage, laughery, and mockification. Six years ago today, this post—#BillSchmalfeldt, Abrams Tanks, and the Second Amendment—made fun of the Cabin Boy’s™ lack of knowledge about private ownership of weapons.

* * * * *

I was going spend the entire day ignoring Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt, but someone sent me a link to his latest waste of bandwidth over at Digital Journal (No, I won’t link to it.). It’s called Op-Ed: If Abrams tanks are outlawed, only outlaws will have Abrams tanks. Schmalfeldt seems to believe that ownership of an Abrams tank by a U. S. citizen is (or should be) illegal.

Other than nuclear, biological, and most chemical weapons, citizen ownership of weapons is not generally prohibited under federal law. Some are restricted. Some are taxed. But few are prohibited. Some states are more restrictive than the feds.

I don’t know how one would go about buying one, but I’m not sure that there is any federal law that bans private ownership of an Abrams tank.

There would be a lot of paperwork and tax filings involved in owning an Abrams. The two 7.62 X 51 mm machine guns and the .50 M2 machine gun would need to have the appropriate ATF tax stamps (and the guns would need to have been made before the 1986 ban). The main gun (either the 105 mm for early M1 or the newer 120 mm) would also have to be registered with the ATF as a destructive device and the appropriate tax stamp purchased.

Here in Maryland, the three machine guns would have to be licensed by the State Police, and the owner would have to pay a $10/year fee for each. The MVA wouldn’t issue tags, so the owner would be restricted to off-road use.

If the owner kept live rounds for the main gun, the ATF would impose requirements on the storage magazine, and, here in Maryland, the State Fire Marshal would get involved.

So, yes, the Second Amendment does protect a citizen’s right to possess arms.GE

Even an Abrams tank with the right paperwork.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has more about crazy folks with guns here.

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Someone should use that photo to make a meme.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Gentle Reader who has been following The Saga of Team Kimberlin may remember the bravado with which William Ferguson approached his being named a defendant in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

He was oh-so-certain that the suit was doomed before it got off the ground.S_A201605152234ZAnd then, when the court ordered him to appear at a hearing on 27 September, he tweeted this—SA201607290833ZYesterday’s mail brought an envelope explaining the likely significance of that tweet with expect to Ferguson.FiFI Envelope redactedThe Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson can’t be found by the Postal Service at the address where he received mail for several months, and he’s left no forwarding address. It looks as if he’s trying to hide.

As things stand now, Bill Schmalfeldt is the only defendant who is not trying to hide and/or is not refusing to inform the court of his correct address. Gentle Reader, what does that tell you about the bravery of the other members of Team Kimberlin?

Oh, one more thing … I don’t intend to answer Ferguson question about finding defendants just yet. He is likely to learn the answer the hard way.


MU201607261753ZI’ve already been subjected to a couple of false criminal charges at the hands of Team Kimberlin. If a third false charge is filed, I’ll beat that one too. Therefore, before another malicious charge is filed, the person planning to do so should reflect on how I am now dealing with the first two and make sure that his vision of future is as clear as he thinks.

A Statement About a Lawsuit

On 2 March, I filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Carroll County, Maryland, against Brett Kimberlin, Tetyana Kimberlin, Matt Osborne, William Schmalfeldt, William Ferguson, John Does 1 through 4, Breitbart Unmasked, Almighty Media, and Acme (an unidentified business entity). I allege that all the defendants are members of a civil conspiracy, that all of them (except Tetyana Kimberlin) engaged in defamation, that Brett Kimberlin and Tetyana Kimberlin engaged in malicious prosecution, and that William Schmalfeldt breached a settlement agreement. The suit seeks monetary damages and injunctive relief.

I do not wish to make any further public comment on this matter for now.

UPDATE—Bill Schmalfeldt has attempted to comment on this post. Given that I am now suing him, I do not believe that he should be making comments here at Hogewash!. Effective immediately, he is banned from commenting.

UPDATE 2—There have been four comments sent in to this post thus far by the cybertwerps who I have been allowing to post their puerile and often obscene and/or defamatory (but sometimes redacted) spewings in the Hogewash! comment section for the past few months. Enough’s enough. Since I believe that one or more defendants in the new lawsuit are the source(s) of these comment, I’m wielding the ban hammer on ’em.

UPDATE 3—In the first twenty minutes following UPDATE 2, I received eleven obscene comments. Is incompetent rage all they have left? Of course, not having been served yet, the cybertwerps don’t know how they might begin to put together a defense, so they’re not really wasting time. Yet. So far, Proverbs 29:11 seems spot on.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I’ve been rereading some of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s recent filings in the five active lawsuits in which he is a party. (BTW, four are LOLsuits he’s filed against me.) His writing is becoming … how to put this? … wilder and more full of stupid errors and omissions. I just finished reviewing something from one of the state cases, and its fatal error is both obvious and quite stunning. I won’t write about that mistake here because it’s the judge’s job to educate the midget on this one.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, and this feature will take the day off. Beginning on the 26th, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day will begin reviewing the Top Ten Team Kimberlin stories of 2015.

So head out to the store to finish your shopping (or pickup more popcorn), enjoy the holiday, and …

Stay tuned.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Now that the frivolous peace order and false criminal charge related to harassing a minor child have both been disposed of, I want to encourage those who wrote and/or published defamatory articles or comments about me to retract their statements and apologize for them.

Illegally Obtained Information?

I received a call this evening from a reader (my number’s in the phone book) about a post that Bill Schmalfeldt put up speculating on the identity of the person or person(s) behind Kimberlin Unmasked. I’m amused to find out that I am now a suspect. Apparently, Schmalfeldt goes on at some length about the IP addresses and locations from which tweets to the @Kimberlinumask Twitter account originated.

The Twitter API doesn’t make that information available. Law enforcement can get the information with a warrant, and it might be subpoenaed in a civil matter. Neither of those seem to be the source of Schmalfeldt’s information. Given that there are ways to hack that information, I suspect his “reliable” source obtained it illegally.

The reek of various bodily fluids is becoming quite strong as the panic sets in at Team Kimberlin.

UPDATE—I see from one of the comments that Schmalfeldt says that Twitter gives IP address information from its connection logs to anyone who asks.


TwitterPolicyUPDATE 2—I’ve heard all sorts of speculation about the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked. I don’t know who he/she/they is/are. I have no need to know, and it is to my advantage not to know. I can’t give up information that I don’t have. I am being willfully ignorant.

UPDATE 3—The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has had a subpoena issued against Twitter, but it is not for any IP address information. Twitter required to produce the following information by 27 December, 2013—BK_Twitter_SubpoenaAs you can see, the subpoena demanded the name of the person who registered the Twitter account @Kimberlinunmask. The only name Twitter collects is the user name. And for that account the user name is … wait for it … Kimberlin Unmasked.


Is Panic Setting In?

The Cabin Boy and the other members of Team Kimberlin are beginning to show clear signs of panicking, and they have a lot to worry about.

The Cabin Boy has written that the State’s Attorney’s Office is not answering his questions about dropping the harassment, electronic harassment, and failure to comply with a peace order charges. Given that Judge Stanfield found the tweets in question violated his order and that Schmalfeldt admitted on the record to having sent them, the State’s Attorney’s Office has a fairly straightforward case. Schmalfeldt has some serious worrying to do for the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, back at the RICO Madness, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is busily serving the remaining defendants in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. lawsuit. He’s named 22 defendants. He probably won’t be able to affect service on three of them because he doesn’t know where to serve them. Several of the other defendants may file joint responses, for example, Glen Beck might file a joint response with Mercury Radio Arts and The Blaze. My guess is that there will be a dozen or so additional motions to dismiss coming to the court before the end of January. That means that TDPK will have a dozen oppositions to file by mid February. If he was pressed by having to respond to four …

TDPK already has a bunch of legal work on his plate. On the 10th, he has a report due to Judge Grimm about who has been served (and how and when) in the RICO case. That report is also supposed to include an explanation of why anyone who hasn’t been served was missed and TDPK’s plan for completing service within 120 days of the date he filed his lawsuit.

On the 13th, there are hearings scheduled in the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit, including several on motions to dismiss. If that case survives, the defendants will shortly file their answers to his complaint and their counterclaims. They will also begin their discovery. Since discovery is to be completed in March, TDPK will have to attend to that quickly. And, trust me, the defendants intend to make sure he complies with discovery in that lawsuit.

On the 16th, his answers to the first four motions to dismiss are due in the RICO Madness.

TDPK is in way over his head. He needs legal help, but he can’t seem to find a lawyer willing to represent him. Like the Cabin Boy, Brett Kimberlin has some serious worrying to do.

So how do I know they are panicking?

The obscene anonymous comments are back. So far today, I’ve received four such comments to this blog that are obviously from Team Kimberlin. They don’t usually bother to send them when things are going well for them, but they do send them when their blog posts and tweets have been rebutted with facts and ridicule and they simply have nothing left.

They have nothing left but insults like this—TK201401072003Z


On Job Descriptions

I’d like to explain to the new members of the Gentle Readership about the job descriptions given to some of the members of Team Kimberlin.

The Dread Pirate Kimberlin received his title after he put up a pirate-themed website called the Bloggers Offense Team. That site is now defunct.

The initial job descriptions of the crew included Neal Rauhauser as First Mate, given his apparent status at the time as TDPK’s righthand man; Ron Brynaert as a Crew Member; and Occupy Rebellion as an Imaginary Friend, given that there were multiple persons behind that identity. Note that these are job descriptions and not nicknames. Referring to Neal Rauhauser as “First Mate” doesn’t give him a nickname any more than calling Al Franken a “Senator” is using a nickname (as calling him “Stuart Smalley” might).

Thus far, only one member of Team Kimberlin has expressed any distress allegedly caused by his job description, one which I did not create. It was given to a crew member who seems to work as a flunky for TDPK and FMNR, and the realization of his place in the food chain probably conflicts with his delusions of adequacy.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin is suing four codefendants and me in a Maryland court for a million bucks for writing truthful things about him. He’s suing 20+ codefendants and me in federal court alleging that we formed a racketeering enterprise to spread lies about him. Back in 1996, Mark Singer published an authorized biography of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin called Citizen K. This passage is from page 78—

Eyebrows levitated. A drug-dealing colleague had memories of conversations with Kimberlin that struck him as odd: “We’d see a girl who was pubescent or prepubescent, and Brett would get this smile and say, ‘Hey, what do you think? Isn’t she great?’ It made me very uncomfortable.” Another recalled Kimberlin introducing Jessica as “my girlfriend,” and if irony was intended, it was too subtile to register. To a co-worker at IU-PUI, Sandi confided that Kimberlin was “grooming Jessica to be his wife.” To another, Sandi explained that though Kimberlin’s relationship with Jessica was chaste, he intended “to wait for her and would marry her.”

“Jessica” was a middle-school age girl at the time. Sandi was her mother.

A Year Ago Today

It was one year ago today that I received the following comment to a post called Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Boss’ Day Job:SWAT threatOf course, the threat was not sent by Karen B. who blogs as The Lonely Conservative. She was receiving death threats herself that same day. (BTW, the $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever made those threats against her still stands.)

The Sheriff’s Office sent a email alerting all deputies of the threat. I was working as an amateur radio operator providing backup communications at one of the storm shelters set up for persons displaced by Sandy. When several of the deputies at the shelter found out that I was the subject of that email, we decided that I would save Halloween candy for whoever responded.

The SWATting call never came.

On the morning of 1 November, after the SWATting threat proved hollow, I posted these words:

Was there something particular in that post that pushed a button? Or was it the accumulation of five months of blog posts that inspired the SWATting threat? I don’t know that I’ll ever find out, but I do know that by not following through, Team Kimberlin has proven themselves to be a cowardly lot. But they can be dangerous cowards. I understand that. I keep my eyes open. I take reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) precautions. And my friends, including those in law enforcement, have my back.

As Harry Truman once remarked, “I’ve been shot at by experts.” I’ve dealt with my share of tough guys and tough guy wannabes during my life. They’ve been to jail, and I haven’t. I look forward to seeing TDPK and his thugs and enablers brought to justice, and I intend to have some small part in that. I may have just become his worst nightmare.

I stand by them.

This is All They’ve Really Got

Since the peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt went into effect, the number of anonymous threatening or harassing comments to this blog has exploded. I’ve received well over 100 in less than three months. It’s fairly obvious that they are sent from members of Team Kimberlin. Some of them are not as anonymous as the sender hoped.

I’ve posted a few of them in the past. Most of them have been like this one that came in at 2:45 ET this afternoon.TK201309101845Z

If I hadn’t used the word in an earlier post today, I’d say, “Meh.”

However, over the last month or so, more of them have become outrageously obscene. This is one of the least offensive of that bunch.TK201308312147ZMany are much more vile.

Vile. Deranged. And, as Stacy McCain points out, evil. It may be a while before these thugs are brought to justice, but justice will win out in the end.

Of IP and IP

It may have been a bit of rough day for Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfelt. First of all, the IP address for the name server for his hate sites dedicated to Aaron Walker, Stancy McCain, and me don’t seem to be working. It looks like some sort of technical glitch.

Second, I received a copy of a DMCA takedown notice that was sent by the photographer who owns the copyright on the head shot I use under license on the blog’s About page. Given the Cabin Boy’s long-winded assertions of his rights to his intellectual property, one wonders why he appears so upset that a copyright holder would complain about work being used without permission.

Sore Loserman.

Is #BillSchmalfeldt Appealing?

The anonymous blogger I call “Coleman” has written the following in a comment over at his hate blog dedicated to Aaron Walker (No, I won’t link to it.):

As far as I know Bill’s case will be put on appeal and will probably be over turned due to the federal ruling on Cassidy.

Fine. If that’s the way that Kimberlin wants to waste his time and money, he can. (Does anyone know how he affords all this on $19,500 a year?)

So what is this Cassidy case that Coleman mentions? United States v. Cassidy [814 F.Supp.2d 574 (2011)] was a case tried in federal district court in Baltimore. Judge Titus found that the application of the Violence Against Women Act was unconstitutional in that particular case. He did not find that the law was facially unconstitutional but only as applied to William Cassidy’s behavior as alleged in the indictment.

So how does that impact Maryland’s harassment statute? IANAL, but the lawyers I’ve talked to say probably not at all. Maryland’s law has been upheld at every level of appeal in the State’s courts. When it was appealed the the U. S. Supreme Court, the Supremes refused to hear the case. Harassment is not protected by the First Amendment, and the states have the right to punish it.

Both Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt have tried to make a big deal out of the idea that because their actions were chargeable under the misuse of electronic communications law, they aren’t covered by the general harassment statute also. That’s simply wrong—as Judge Stansfield ruled in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt when granting a peace order.

You know, for a bunch of folks who are supposed to be Internet savvy, it’s surprising that Team Kimberlin acts as if they haven’t heard of the Streisand Effect.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Team Kimberlin keeps those insults Oh, please! That would require a civil suit which would open you up to discovery. A plaintiff’s refusal to cooperate with discovery invariably results in dismissal with prejudice. You’re going to sue me? Go ahead. Make my day.

And if the comment is supposed to be a real response to A Zombie Finds a Brain, it should at least address one of the points made in that post. Did I misquote the harassment statute? Did I misrepresent any of Schmalfeldt’s tweets or posts? Did mischaracterize anything the judges told Schmalfeldt? Did I get any of the citations of Maryland law wrong? Or is this attempted comment simply more whining harassment?


sir robin shieldIs this all that Team Kimberlin has left? I received a better grade of insults when I was still in elementary school.

The desperation in the mudslinging is palpable. There are no facts. The cowardice is obvious. They don’t have the guts to use their real identities.

Pathetic. Simply pathetic.

Oh, one more thing … People submitting or attempting to submit comments to Hogewash! should read The Fine Print, especially the part about’s Terms of Service. The sixth bullet point of item 2 of the WordPress ToS is particularly important.

UPDATE—Ooooh, I’m so intimidated. Not.TK201307050412ZUPDATE 2—Let’s pretend for the sake of the argument that Pro Verb is correct in his description of me. Does that invalidate anything that I’ve posted? Or is Pro Verb’s use of an ad hominem attack in his comment a demonstration of Team Kimberlin’s desperation?

UPDATE 3—radioWMS201307061321Z

The easiest way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.

—Stacy McCain

A Zombie Finds a Brain

Or a zombie website finds its server.

It looks as if the anonymous blogger I call “Coleman” isn’t calling it quits. The hate site devoted to Aaron Walker is back after what seems to be some sort of technical problem. (One of the two nameservers that supports the site was still unreachable at 6 am ET on 4 July.)

So I’ve had a chance to read the comments Bill Schmalfeldt posted on the site. The Sore Loserman writes this in his first comment:

I have been charged, in effect, with a crime because I insisted on replying to someone who was insulting me on a daily basis. If this gets past the Howard County State’s attorney, this is exactly how I will put it. I will show him insult after insult after filthy comment after filthy comment after 4th grade name-calling after 4th-grade name calling issued by Aaron Walker. Then I will ask the judge if this is what the First Amendment envisions, and if this is a proper use of Maryland Code 3-803, which is meant to protect people like battered women from their abusers. Aaron Walker is not a battered woman. He is a spineless coward who wants the right to insult people without allowing them the First Amendment Right to throw those insults right back in his face.

<fisking>Actually, it is my understanding from conversations with Aaron Walker that Schmalfeldt was charged not because he replied to Mr. Walker’s comments but because of the vile nature of Schmalfeldt’s tweets and blog posts. Md. Crim. Law § 3-803 defines harassment as

maliciously engag[ing] in a course of conduct that alarms or seriously annoys the other:
(1) with the intent to harass, alarm, or annoy the other;
(2) after receiving a reasonable warning or request to stop by or on behalf of the other; and
(3) without a legal purpose.

That’s the crime that the Circuit Court found Schmalfeldt had engaged in to form the basis of the peace order granted in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt.

Just as I had placed Schmalfeldt on notice to stop directing communications to me, Aaron Walker did so too. Actually, he did it twice—on 14 February and on 16 February. Just as in my case, Schmalfeldt tweeted and blogged about receiving notice and his intention to ignore it. Here are some of the hundreds of tweets Schmalfeldt sent. (@AaronWorthing is Aaron Walker’s twitter account.)

Liberal Grouch @shawhoneya @mianisees @aaronworthing @stranahan @wjjhoge @rsmccain @ali And you deserve troll time.
20 Feb 13

Liberal Grouch @jsigwart @AaronWorthing @Battle_Damage @OsborneInk @OccupyRebellion Aaron’s brand of pathology doesn’t allow him to admit being wrong.
24 Mar 13

Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@BuchananRick @Harada_no_hime @Xcitizen10 @Kimberlinunmask @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge DIAF
14 Jun 13

DIAF is Internet slang for “Die in a fire.”

Bill Schmalfeldt @MJanovic @AaronWorthing She better, or he’ll send her ass packing back to Asia where he purchased her.
20 Jun 13

Bill Schmalfeldt Fat, cowardly @aaronworthing thinks my neck is funny. I think it will be funny when a jihadist finds him.
22 Jun 12

Bill Schmalfeldt  Actually, I’ll laugh my ass off if a friend of an American serviceman @aaronworthing got killed with his EDMD shit beats him unrecognizable.
22 Jun 13

On the same day as the previous two tweets (22 June), Schmalfeldt’s rabid response hate blog had a post that contained this:

So, you [Aaron Walker] know there are HUNDREDS of people who know you, who know where you live (and if you need the address, gentle reader, ask me. It’s a matter of public record). Some of them will be servicemen who lost friends because of you. Some may be Islamic extremists who want to behead you on television for insulting their prophet. I think the Americans would probably just beat you until your face is unrecognizable, which would be an improvement.

Later that day, Schmalfeldt posted this on his blog:

Again, any service member who lost a friend in Iraq or Afghanistan because of Aaron Walker’s freedom to incite violence who would like have a face to face “discussion” with him about the responsibilities that go along with free speech, drop me a line and I’ll give you his address and phone number.
Sorry. I don’t talk to Islamic Extremists. You’ll just have to search the court records to find him.

Those blog post come very near to solicitation of assault or murder. I think most folks would be harassed, alarmed, or annoyed by being on the receiving end of such messages, and it’s kinda a no-brainer that solicitation of a crime isn’t a legal purpose. We seem to have all the elements of the offense of harassment here.

Then I will ask the judge if this is what the First Amendment envisions, …

Cabin Boy Bill has already been told by Judge Rasinsky, who put him on notice at the first District Court hearing, and by Judge Stansfield, who granted the peace order at the Circuit Court appeal, that his behavior was not protected by the First Amendment.

… and if this is a proper use of Maryland Code 3-803, …

Both Judges Rasinsky and Stansfield have said that it is. The only reason that Judge Rasinsky didn’t issue a peace order in the first place is that the Cabin Boy lied about receiving notice. With proper notice documented, Judge Stansfield issued the order.

… which is meant to protect people like battered women from their abusers.

No, that’s not the purpose of § 3-803. That statute makes harassment a crime. Md. Courts and Judicial Proceedings § 3-1503 allows a court to issue a peace order for up to six months between two unrelated persons. Harassment under § 3-803 is one of the bases for such an order. Schmalfeldt appears to have peace orders confused with the somewhat similar protective orders that are issued in domestic abuse cases under Md. Family Law § 4-506. Aaron Walker is seeking a peace order because of harassment.

… without allowing them the First Amendment Right to throw those insults right back in his face.

I don’t remember ever seeing Bill Schmalfeldt allow a comment on one of his blogs in defense of anyone he had attacked or defamed. Yet, he whines when his targets don’t open their blogs to him. You know, I probably would have let the Cabin Boy comment here at Hogewash! if his first attempt hadn’t addressed me as “f__ker,” but Schmalfeldt has had ample bandwidth available to make his case. Those of us he has attacked are under no moral or legal obligation to give him a bigger soapbox. He has no First Amendment right to the use of someone else’s blog. It’s not our fault that he has created an unattractive web presence that draws little traffic.</fisking>

Coleman, writing under the alias “mohammud,” has brief obscene comment, and then the Sore Loserman resumes with more whining about possible additional legal woes.


UPDATE—Perhaps Coleman will remember that Brett Kimberlin attempted to use the Maryland peace order statute to muzzle Aaron Walker. He obtained an order prohibiting Aaron Walker from even mentioning him. Of course, that unconstitutional order was later set aside. No one has sought or is seeking such an order against Bill Schmalfeldt.

Another One Bites the Dust?

Some guy that I’ve decided to call “Coleman” took over Bill Schmalfeldt’s hate website focused on Aaron Walker yesterday. Cabin Boy Bill has supposedly called it quits. I’d not checked on the site this afternoon while I was away from the Interwebs dealing with my life in the real world. Around 6 this evening ET, I checked the site and saw that Schmalfeldt had made a couple of comments. When I clicked on a comment link, I my browser timed out.


I did a traceroute to the site and couldn’t find it.


I did a WHOIS to check the site. No IP.


I did a WHOIS on the nameserver, got it’s IP, and did a traceroute. Nothing there.


I rechecked the nameserver’s IP. Gone.

Well, well, well … the site and it’s nameserver are down. It could be that the site is being moved. The Team Kimberlin related sites all seem to being moved on to on-shore servers.

OTOH, maybe Coleman has other things to do besides snipe at Aaron Walker.

We’ll see.