The Cabin Boy™ has doubled down on stupid with a series of tweets showing that I follow a Twitter account for something called Black Butt Magazine.


How lame!

I don’t remember every account I followed during the last few months of 2016, but from the look of the other followers on the account, it appears to have originally been an account that several with several libertarian and conservative followers that was created September, 2016, and that did not tweet very much. All the early tweets have been deleted, and a few rather tasteless tweets (all from 1 December, 2016) are all that are in the account now. I don’t know what the original handle was, but it’s been changed to (at)Buttebony.

As the post title says—Laughing My Ass Off!

UPDATE—I would appear from the Cabin Boy’s™ Twitterz that he has decided to triple down.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Cabin Boy™ has had a rough time of it for the last few days. @DeepBrainRadio, @DeepBrainMedia, and @WaroftheWeasels all bit the dust rather quickly, suspended by Twitter.

I, too, had three accounts suspended in rapid succession earlier this year when I was falsely accused of engaging in targeted abuse. My @wjjhoge account was restored, and Twitter apologized for the suspensions after the Montgomery County State’s Attorney threw out the bogus criminal charge brought by the same persons responsible for the suspension.

gas_stove_burner_s1I doubt that the Cabin Boy™ will ever see any of those suspended accounts restored. I also suspect that he’ll soon be back on Twitter engaging in the same sort of cyberthuggery and that he’ll be suspended again. And again as the cycle repeats. For a while yet. Be patient.

In other matters … it looks as if the next few days will be a very busy time.

Stay tuned.

About That Twitter Glitch

A glitch caused my @wjjhoge Twitter account to be briefly suspended this evening. It’s back up, and I owe a hearty “Thank you” to the folks with Twitter Support who fixed the problem in less than two hours.

I was tipped of to the problem by these attempted comments from Team Kimberlin—Butthurt20150709The link in the bottom comment is to this image:frabz-twitter-suspended-my-account-for-no-fucking-reason-1ba6f6The first of these comments came in only two minutes after the account went down. This suggests that it might be worth investing in a company that makes F5 keys.

As I Was Saying Before I Was Interrupted …

I received this email from Twitter today.Twitter201507061813ZPreparationH96ctThe Gentle Reader may remember how The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin and his buddies made much of the suspension of that account. It now appears that Twitter has come to the same conclusion as the Circuit Court for Montgomery County and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office concerning the truth of Kimberlin’s claims of harassment.

I’m sure this will come as a disappointment to TDPK and his fans. I can offer this deal from Amazon to help soothe their pain.

On the Twitterz

Just before midnight, I received this comment.TK201505290343Z

It came in just a few minutes after I reported these tweets to Twitter as abusive.Grouchcast604014306334765056Grouchcast604056811185000449GrouchyOldLib603710859186044930After I got that comment, I took a look at the Cabin Boy’s™ timelines, and those tweets were gone.


UPDATE—The tweets do not show up when I am logged into Twitter under my account, but they are visible to other accounts.TwitterTrick

Interesting …

@wjjhoge, R. I. P. (The Twitter Account, Not Me)

Team Kimberlin finally managed to kill off the original Twitter account associated with this blog. Their first attempt, just after The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin, filed his Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance LOLsuit, was an attempt to get the account banned for aggressive following as a result of having over 100,000 fake accounts follow @wjjhoge. It appears that they did it this time by lying.@wjjhoge_suspendedMy irony meter caught fire and melted when that email came in.

It certainly won’t do my old account any good to complain, but it may help future victims of such cyberstalking if you make known your opinions of how Twitter enables such abuse. Probably the most effective way to communicate would be by snail mail to

Ms. Vijaya Gadde, General Counsel
1355 Market Street
Suite 900
San Francisco, CA  94103

If you do contact Twitter, please be polite.