Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

When the blogosphere started pushing back on Brett Kimberlin’s attacks on bloggers, one of the places Team Kimberlin sought to spin the narrative was The Daily Kos. Seven years ago today, I ran this post titled In Praise of Thuggery. (At that point in The Saga, I was referring to Kimberlin as “Lord Voldemort” because of the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named peace order issued against Aaron Walker.)

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The Daily Kos has a profile of Brett Kimberlin Lord Voldemort posted. (H/T, Darth Chipmunk) It contains these words:

Kimberlin has been very effective at countering the right-wing hate spewing machine. Robert Stacey McCain (no relation but just as fascist) decided to attack him for his Activism with children for Justice. Lets just say Robert Stacey McCain is on the run these days. Erick Erickson of CNN fame got a nice little knock on the door. Seth Allen get the message as well. This is what Activists do, shutting down hate speech one individual at a time. If Brett Kimberlin can make a difference by himself, we all can.

Are the Kossacks so bought into the “by any means necessary” that they condone, even praise, criminal thuggery so long as it’s aimed toward the Right?

UPDATE—Matt Ross points out in the comments below that almost all of the commenters responding to the Diary I’ve linked to at The Daily Kos are flagging this as a troll. Could be. If so, it violates kos’s published rules for Diaries, specifically, Rules 15 and 16:

15. Diaries which contain hateful or defamatory writing are prohibited.
16. Diaries which are deliberately designed to inflame are prohibited.

So why isn’t it either prominently marked as suspicious or pulled down?

* * * * *

There are a some of points to be noted here.

First, whoever wrote that diary entry at The Daily Kos clearly believed (or was admitting) that Kimberlin or someone connected to him was responsible for the SWATting o Erick Erickson. That goes against Kimberlin’s claim in essentially every other venue that he has nothing to do with any SWATing. Also, the writer considers the harassment of Stacy McCain and Erick Erickson to be good deeds.

Second, my question about certain folks on the Left condoning thuggery has been answered with a “Yes” by the likes of Antifa.

Third, it took multiple defeats in court, but The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s lawfare campaign has been beaten. The same sort of persistence of punching back harder than twice as hard now needs to be applied any new thugs.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Seven years ago, at least four bloggers who had written about Brett Kimberlin had been SWATted. They were Mike Stack, Patrick Frey (Patterico), Erick Erickson, and Aaron Walker. All of them, except Mike Stack, wound up as my codefendants in at least one of The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s defamation LOLsuits. At the time, Erick Erickson was a contributor at CNN, so his SWATting got national coverage and prompted congressional interest in the crimes. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) took particular interest.

When Breitbart Unmasked tried to spin the story, I ran a post seven years ago today titled Brazen or Delusional? I Report. You Decide.

* * * * *

Brietbart Unmasked (no, I won’t link to them), a web site believed to be affiliated with Brett Kimberlin, has posted it’s take on Senator Chambliss’ call for an investigation of the Swatting of conservative bloggers. In what appears to be either a brazen attempt to appear confident or a delusional disregard of reality, they say this:

Red State blogger and CNN contributor, Erick Erickson posted on his website that he and his family were victims of an attempted SWaT-ting. Another conservative blogger who said he was SWaT-ed was James [sic] Frey a blogger at the site Patterico’s Pontifications.

BU welcomes this investigation which will finally prove once and for all what liars these right wingers have been. The hope is that Eric Holder will find out that its all been a bunch of right wing bullshit aimed at destabilizing liberals, and that those responsible for spreading these malicious lies and falsehoods such as John [sic] “Patterico” Frey and others will finally pay the price for it. This field of nightmares has got to end badly for those responsible for spreading the hate as a revenge tactic by Aaron Justin Walker, Patterico, and others in the Breitbart orbit who have been guilty of spreading these seemingly never ending series of lies. I would recommend that they start with Patterico and then move on over to Robert Stacy McCain who has claimed he had to go into hiding over it; which one wonders if he is hiding because his handlers at the Bureau forced him to relocate due to some ongoing right wing hate investigation in which he is informing for them, or if he just left town so he could milk all the suckers out of their money to live rent free. Either way it is about time that someone seriously looked into these bullshit lies the right wing breitbots have been spreading around.

Uh, huh.

* * * * *

Looking back over the past seven years, I’d answer the brazen v. delusion question by invoking the Power of AND.

I’m reasonably certain that Brett Kimberlin himself wrote that BU post just a few days after the unconstitutional gag order he had won against Aaron Walker was overturned. Aaron had been SWATted within hours of Kimberlin’s loss in court. And I find the bit about Stacy McCain’s imaginary FBI handlers especially ridiculous, bordering on hallucinatory.

Yet, in one sense Kimberlin got his wish about someone seriously looking to the bullshit lies surrounding his activities. He should have been more careful in what he wished for.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin started his campaign of lawfare against the First Amendment rights of people who spoke and wrote truthfully about him in a futile attempt at brass knuckles reputation management. Of course, his LOLsuits blew up in his face (Yeah, I typed that on purpose), and his inept litigation became a reliable source of pointage, laughery, and mockification. As the TKPOTD from three years ago shows, one of his consistent failings was making self-contradictory claims in his court filings.

* * * * *

Here’s another example of how The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is unable to keep his stories straight. This is a portion of a paragraph in a recent filing he made in the Kimberlin v. Most of the Universe, et al. RICO Retread LOLsuit.M2Recon_p?If the Gentle Reader were to type that URL into his browser, he would be taken to this YouTube video.GB_AW_youtubeNote the date that the video was published—25 May, 2012, the date of Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. That’s the day Aaron Walker was interviewed by Glenn Beck, and Kimberlin states in his filing that Aaron appeared on that program and asserted that Kimberlin had SWATted him.

That was a pretty neat trick on Aaron’s part because he wasn’t SWATted until a month later, on the same day as the Montgomery Circuit Court threw out the unconstitutional gag order that had been imposed by the District Court. TDPK admits this in the complaint he filed to initiate the LOLsuit.Retread Complaint-75Brett Kimberlin is not only a liar, he’s a very bad one who can’t keep his stories straight.

TardisThis made up nonsense about Aaron accusing TDPK of SWATting him a month before Aaron was actually SWATted is only the most glaringly obvious false and self-contradictory allegation in TDPK’s filings.There are many more, and they will all come back to bite him. Self-contractidory claims are not entitled to a presumption of truth.

And, no, I haven’t been lending out my time machine.

Stay tuned.

* * * * *

As so many judges have found, “The Plaintiff has failed …”

Well, TDPK did succeed in one thing with his RICO Retread LOLsuit. He managed to see the court find that his reputation was so bad that there was no way to lower it—that he is defamation proof.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Six years ago today, I was able to report one of the first bits of Justice in the Saga of Team Kimberlin.

* * * * *

Today was a good day for the First Amendment in Montgomery County, Maryland. Aaron Walker’s lawyer won an emergency motion for a partial stay on Brett Kimberlin’s Lord Voldemort’s peace order prohibiting Mr. Walker from blogging about the Dark Lord. Here’s a copy of the court order. You will also find a set of requests from Mr. Walker concerning avoiding further claims of harassment from Voldemort. Please abide by them.

Congratulations, Mr. Walker, and thank you for standing up for the right of all of us to blog truthfully.

* * * * *

Unfortunately, that was not the only news to report that day.

* * * * *

Patterico reports that Aaron Walker was SWATted at around 6 pm ET this evening.

UPDATE—Breitbart has more info here.

Walker told Breitbart News that he was home with his wife this evening at approximately 6:00pm when there was a “pretty insistent” knock at his door. Walker answered to find about six police cars in the street and two officers taking positions against the wall with M4 rifles. Since he was aware of the previous swattings of Patrick “Patterico” Frey, Erick Erickson, and Mike Stack, Mr. Walker asked the police if someone had called and claimed he had killed his wife, and police confirmed that that was the case.

UPDATE 2—Still more at The Camp of the Saints. Apparently, someone is also trying to cause trouble for one of Aaron Walker’s lawyers.

UPDATE 3—Stacy McCain says:

Memo to The Washington Post: This is now what they call “local news.” Get on it.

Don’t hold your breath, Mr. McCain.

UPDATE 4—Aaron Walker posts What Happened Tonight.

One of the officers tonight asked me why I keep talking about Brett Kimberlin if it brings on this kind of trouble. It’s because Freedom of Expression is something I don’t just believe in, but I defend. And this threat to Freedom of Expression needs to be defeated. It is that simple.

When my wife was steadier, and our bellies were full, I opened up my computer again there were 720 new contacts of some kind in my twitter. That was the level of love and support out there. I am just stubborn enough not to need anyone’s prayers or support to see this through, but it’s nice to feel the love. So many perfect strangers tell me they are praying for me—although they are becoming less like strangers every day.

Finally, if anyone from the Washington Post or any other newspaper wants to talk to me, I’ll talk. I’ll give you an earful.

So the bottom line is that thanks in significant part to the Prince William County Police, who handled this with the right sweet spot between concern that a crime might be occurring, and caution, recognizing it might be a hoax, my wife and I are safe. A little shaken up, but determined to fight on.

* * * * *

Some people believe in coincidences. The Gentle Reader may form his own opinion.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the false narratives that the Dread Deadbeat Prevaricator Kimberlin tried to spin up during the time when the unconstitutional peace order restricting Aaron Walker’s speech concerning TDPK was still in place was that Kimberlin had himself been the victim of a SWATting. I wrote a post six years ago today that expressed my disbelief of his claim. He’s referred to as “Lord Voldemort” because of his “he who must not be named” peace order.

* * * * *

Brett Kimberlin Lord Voldemort is claiming that he was SWATted on 31 May. Velvet Revolution is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the SWATter.

Uh, huh.

It will be interesting to see what police records show about a response to his residence on that date.

UPDATE–Meanwhile, 85 Members of Congress (all Republicans) are asking for a federal investigation of SWATting.

UPDATE 2–If Lord Voldemort was SWATted on 31 May, why is there no mention of it in ABC’s 6 June story on SWATting? Surely, the Dark Lord would have mentioned it, and if he did, surely ABC would have thought it newsworthy.


UPDATE 3–Lee Stranahan posts the following statement (H/T, @rsmccain) from the Montgomery County Government public information office:

I searched our 911 call database for the above listed address. There was no call listed for 5/31, nor anything similar to what you described. I then searched each of our 6 districts for the entire day of 5/31 for a murder in progress, murder just occurred or murder occurred earlier call with negative results. I then spoke with our director to determine if this type of incident was brought to his attention recently and it was not. If your research proliferates any further detail that would help us to narrow down the search, please let me know. I can always check another address if you find one, but for the time being, I don’t see anything similar to what you described.

* * * * *

Stupid? Dishonest? Inept?

This is clearly a case where it’s appropriate to embrace the power of AND.

About That Fatal SWATting

SWATting has always been a foolishly dangerous prank. Indeed, there have been times when it appears to have been used as an attempt to kill or seriously injure a targeted person. Last week, what is alleged to be a SWATting prank gone wrong killed a man in Wichita. The LAPD have a suspect in custody.

I wasn’t SWATted, but I did receive a threat that was taken seriously by law enforcement. Stacy McCain was SWATted back in 2013 and has some comments here.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Charlie_Hebdo_Mohammed_Returns_.0Most likely, the Gentle Reader has heard about yesterday’s terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The publication has targeted Islam with its rather coarse humor. For example the front-page cartoon on the left is captioned, “If Mohammed Returned.” The dialog translates, “I am The Prophet, fool!” and “Shut up, Infidel!”

After killing a dozen people and wounding several more, the gunmen were heard to say that they had avenged The Prophet.

If one reads the letter The Dread Prophetphile Kimberlin sent to law enforcement (see the exhibit attached here) in the context of his actions in outing the anonymous blogger “Aaron Worthing,” it almost seems as if TDPK was hoping that Aaron Walker might suffer the same fate as has befallen Charlie Hebdo. The fact that Aaron Walker was SWATted the same day that he beat TDPK in a court hearing over the unconstitutional gag order Kimberlin had as part of (later thrown out) peace order, …

One theme that keeps recurring in TDPK’s rants against Aaron Walker is his connection to the Everybody Draw Mohammed blog that posted all those “vile” depictions of Mohammed.

Here’s another interesting factoid: As of 11 pm last night, there was nothing on either the Justice Through Music Project or Velvet Revolution US websites about the Charlie Hebdo attack. There was nothing on Breitbart Unmasked either.

The Gentle Reader may draw his own conclusion.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has about two-and-a-half weeks left to try to find enough well-plead allegations in his second amended complaint to cobble together the elements of at least one of the counts for his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. If he wants to keep me as a defendant, he has to make one of the three federal claims work. That’s because he and I are both residents of Maryland, and he can’t sue me in federal court if all he has are state law claims.

Here’s one of the allegations he might try to use to support one of the federal counts—ECF 135-99

So what? FBI agents interview people all the time. Considering that three people, Patrick Frey, Erick Erickson, and Aaron Walker, who had criticized Brett Kimberlin or beat him in court had been SWATted, asking TDPK what he might know about the situation was not an unreasonable thing for someone investigating those SWATtings to do.

So far as I know, no one has every specifically accused Brett Kimberlin of making those SWATting calls or having another person do it for him. I can understand why someone might be suspicious. As Ian Fleming famously wrote: “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

timer-blackTDPK has whined a lot about “false narratives,” but he’s never specified which defendant said what when to whom in any way that actually accused him of being the SWATter. That’s not in his original, first amended, or second amended complaints. He’s not supposed to get any more amendments, so it’s too late to change his tale. Time is ticking down.

Of course, he could just dismiss the suit, but his ego probably won’t permit that.

Stay tuned.

A Year Ago Today

It was one year ago today that I received the following comment to a post called Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Boss’ Day Job:SWAT threatOf course, the threat was not sent by Karen B. who blogs as The Lonely Conservative. She was receiving death threats herself that same day. (BTW, the $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever made those threats against her still stands.)

The Sheriff’s Office sent a email alerting all deputies of the threat. I was working as an amateur radio operator providing backup communications at one of the storm shelters set up for persons displaced by Sandy. When several of the deputies at the shelter found out that I was the subject of that email, we decided that I would save Halloween candy for whoever responded.

The SWATting call never came.

On the morning of 1 November, after the SWATting threat proved hollow, I posted these words:

Was there something particular in that post that pushed a button? Or was it the accumulation of five months of blog posts that inspired the SWATting threat? I don’t know that I’ll ever find out, but I do know that by not following through, Team Kimberlin has proven themselves to be a cowardly lot. But they can be dangerous cowards. I understand that. I keep my eyes open. I take reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) precautions. And my friends, including those in law enforcement, have my back.

As Harry Truman once remarked, “I’ve been shot at by experts.” I’ve dealt with my share of tough guys and tough guy wannabes during my life. They’ve been to jail, and I haven’t. I look forward to seeing TDPK and his thugs and enablers brought to justice, and I intend to have some small part in that. I may have just become his worst nightmare.

I stand by them.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

There are some things that are so far out in the ozone that you couldn’t make ’em up if you tried. I found this in Brett Kimberlin’s bio on his personal website (No, I won’t link to it.).

Brett has also been passionate about protecting the rights of minorities by exposing bigots, hate groups, and bullies.

Exposing bigots, hate groups, and bullies, huh?

I don’t know about you, but I class anti-Semites as bigots. Brett Kimberlin’s anti-Semitism is well documented.

I don’t know about you, but I count those who have a history of cowardly attacks among the bullies.

And would you say that an organization (Koch Watch, NIWLTI) that promotes hatred based on a greedy desire to appropriate the fruits of the success of others might be a hate group?

Is Brett Kimberlin trying to expose himself?

A Congressman Gets SWATted

Rep. Mike Rogers has been SWATted at his home in Michigan. Details here and here. (H/T: @Liberty_Chick) Perhaps federal law enforcement will begin to take SWATting seriously now.

UPDATE—Mr. Down Twinkles has given this post a thumbs down. Does this mean he hopes law enforcement will continue to keep SWATting investigations on the back burner?


UPDATE 2—A second CNN personality gets SWATted. Fortunately for Wolf Blitzer, he wasn’t at home when Montgomery County (MD) police responded to a bogus shooting call this weekend.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Today, we will take a break from the scatological musings of Cabin Boy Bill and stalker photography of his publisher The Watchful Avenger and turn to an archive posting. This is the one that resulted in a SWATting threat on 29 October, 2012.

Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Boss’ Day Job

Court records show an email address for a Jeffrey R. Cohen who has the same street address as Justice Through Music Project. That email address is associated with the law firm of Millen, White, Zellano & Branigan. The firm’s web site gives this information about Mr. Cohen:

Our entertainment practice focuses on music, film and television. Because of our intellectual property expertise, we understand not only the finer points of contract terms but also the significance of the intellectual property issues at hand. Jeff Cohen heads this practice group. Jeff owns Sumerian Records and is a partner in an entertainment management company Outerloop Management.

Here are links about Sumerian Records and Outerloop Management.

UPDATE–Corrected the date of the original post above from 2013 to 2012

UPDATE: My SWATting Threat

Last October, I received a SWATting threat which I immediately shared with appropriate law enforcement agencies. The threat purported to be from The Lonely Conservative, but, of course, it was not.

I now have proof of who sent the threat. It turns out that the sender is in a jurisdiction with a misuse of electronic communications statute that covers the threat. The year of jail time for this offense is pocket change compared with the time for some of the other charges this person could be facing. The statute of limitations is two years, so I have quite a while to decide whether or not to press charges.

I’m not in a hurry. Let’s see how things play out for a while.

Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Denial

During the 5 July Kimberlin v. Walker peace order hearing, I heard the follow exchange between Reginald Bours, Aaron Walker’s attorney in that case, and TDPK.

Q [Bours] Are you familiar with the term, SWAT-ing?

A [Kimberlin] Yes.

Q And have you caused Mr. Walker to be SWAT-ed by the Fairfax County or Prince William County Police?

A That is a despicable claim, and, and —

Q Yes or no?

A — and I resent it.

Q Yes or no?

A I resent it. He knows I didn’t and you know I didn’t, and you’re trying to, again, harass me. You are harassing me just like —

Q I’m asking if you are responsible —

A No, you are harassing me.

Q — for someone calling —

A This man, this ma, —

Q — the police —

A — this man —

Q Excuse me, sir. I am asking you, yes or no, are you responsible —

A No.

Q — directly or indirectly?

A Absolutely not, and it’s despicable.

Q So you didn’t call or ask somebody else to call and tell the police that there had been shots fired at Mr. Walker’s home, so the SWAT Team would show up there? You didn’t do that? You’re not responsible for that?

A Did you do that?

Q Do you know who —

A I did it as much as you did it. I mean, that’s ridiculous.

Q Sir, did you have anything to do with that, or do you know who did?

A No, I don’t.

Well, that seems like a pretty firm denial. It will be interesting to see what the Prince William County Police turn up in their investigation of Aaron Walker’s SWATting. It occurred on the evening of the day the first Kimberlin v. Walker peace order was thrown out. I don’t believe that they think the two events were an unfortunate coincident.

One of the recurring themes from TDPK’s narrative spinning that appear in this testimony. Harassment. TDPK accuses Mr. Bours of harassing him with the cross examination. And it was during this exchange that TDPK lost his cool. He tries to paint himself as a victim. If he’s a victim, he’s a victim of his own actions.

We will see what tales are told on 4 December. Stay tuned.

Have I Struck a Nerve, Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin?

I didn’t think that I would actually be SWATed on Halloween. From the top down, all of Team Kimberlin strike me as cowards. It takes a certain level of gumption to be a suicide bomber. Where is the bravery in setting time bombs and skulking away? I doubted that any of them would risk making a SWATting call to a law enforcement agency that was expecting it.

I’ve been blogging about TDPK for a bit over five months with very little push back. Oh, I had a few tweets and comments from sock puppets and fan boys, but nothing substantial. Nothing substantial that is until this week. My Monday morning blog post Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Boss’ Day Job resulted in this comment:

Of course, the comment was not really made by The Lonely Conservative.

But back to this post … Was there something particular in that post that pushed a button? Or was it the accumulation of five months of blog posts that inspired the SWATting threat? I don’t know that I’ll ever find out, but I do know that by not following through, Team Kimberlin has proven themselves to be a cowardly lot. But they can be dangerous cowards. I understand that. I keep my eyes open. I take reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) precautions. And my friends, including those in law enforcement, have my back.

As Harry Truman once remarked, “I’ve been shot at by experts.” I’ve dealt with my share of tough guys and tough guy wannabes during my life. They’ve been to jail, and I haven’t. I look forward to seeing TDPK and his thugs and enablers brought to justice, and I intend to have some small part in that. I may have just become his worst nightmare.

My #SWATting Schedule

A couple of days ago, I received a threat about being SWATed tonight. I want the bozo who made the threat to know that, even though I have a business appointment this evening, I intend to be home at least an hour before the time he specified.

I also want to remind him that the threat has been communicated to local and federal law enforcement and that Mrs. Hoge and I have promised to save some Halloween candy for the responding deputies.

UPDATE—I’m home from my meeting and have just finished a wonderful bowl of cioppino that Mrs. Hoge made for me. I have a load of tweets from Brietbart Unmasked to look at, but before I wade through them, I want to tell my SWATter that he’ll get faster response by dialing the Sheriff’s Office direct line at (410) 386-2900 and then pressing 2 for the duty officer.

Undue Harassment

Yesterday, Karen at The Lonely Conservative received several death threats, and I was threatened with SWATting. Why? We are both right-of-center bloggers. Have we so gravely offended someone on the left that he feels we deserve such harassment?

While I have gone after some folks, I’ve never called for any consequences for them other than justice. Indeed, I have specifically asked others to let law enforcement and the courts deal with trouble makers.

This morning, I was reading Victor Davis Hanson’s post Why Liberals Think What They Do, and it helped focus my thoughts. (His writing often has that effect.) His essay has a section titled Anger, envy, and the primordial emotions, and I’m beginning to see anger driven by envy as a motivation for the bozo (or bozos) harassing us.

To put it simply, we are winning the war of ideas. As you can see below, sites like Karen’s are more popular than sites run by those on the other side of the issues.

Anger driven by envy. Envy of hard work that bears fruit.

The threats are acts of desperation. They mean we’re winning. The harassment is a pain in the neck (or a couple of feet lower), but it’s a sign of progress against Progressivism. It’s going to take some time and some hard work, but justice will come.

Stay tuned and keep plenty of popcorn on hand.

Dear Bozo Who Threatened Me With SWATting:

Thank you for your threat. It means that the pseudo-butthurt that I could have been feeling (but wasn’t) for being ignored now has no basis. I’m not sure who you are, but I know that you’re neither The Lonely Conservative nor Stacy McCain.

Oh, and the folks at the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office are looking forward to your call.

Disrespectfully yours,
W. J. J. Hoge