Enemies Make Strange Bedfellows

Mark Bennett doesn’t agree that the Team Kimberlin v. Bloggers is a Progressive v. Conservative partisan issue. (H/T, @AaronWorthing).

Nobody should be surprised that bloggers who seem left-leaning speak out against attacks on free speech. A wise conservative, realizing that he won’t always be in the in-group that decides who gets to speak freely, will support free speech for all, but free expression is by definition a progressive value: it makes progress possible. People like Ken [at Popehat] (and Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice, also tagged “left-leaning” by Michelle Malkin) love freedom and are willing to fight for the freedom even of people whom they find loathsome.

I concur. If someone from the Progressive side of the spectrum wants to stand against a thug like Brett Kimberlin, I welcome him as an ally in that cause. We may oppose each other on other issues, but in this cause we can support one another.

Remember this words from Winston Churchill: “If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

UPDATE—Walt Gilbert decries the infighting among bloggers who should be cooperating in the work of exposing Team Kimberlin. Read the whole thing.

UPDATE–2 Jerry Wilson wishes that we’d team up on our enemies rather than gang up on each other.