Everything You Know is Wrong


Especially if you’ve been trying to follow the Steubenville rape case via the Main Stream Media who have been picking up claims made by sources like Anonymous that have no real world connection to the case. Their coverage hasn’t been much more reliable than the copy of the Firesign Theatre promotional piece on the left. Fortunately, Lee Stranahan has been digging into the facts.

Here’s some of the wrong claims floating around that Mr. Stranahan debunks:


Steubenville is so corrupt that no justice is possible.
There has been a massive cover-up in the case.
The victim was drugged, put in a car trunk to bring her to a series of parties, urinated on, and left for dead in a field.
That there a number of witnesses to the assaults who have not come forward.
The school’s football coaches were involved in the night’s activities.
That football players were given easy or preferential treatment in this case.
No media was covering the case except for one blogger until Anonymous got involved.
That no justice would happen in this case were it not for the intervention of Anonymous.
The infamous video of Michael Nodianos joking has nothing to do with the legal case.

I have no idea whether or not the accused are guilty of anything, but a fair trial and an honest verdict require the truth.

Team Kimberlin Spreads Its Tentacles

NOTE: This was originally scheduled to go online at 12:02 am on Monday, but I’m going ahead with it early.

Team Kimberlin and its allies appear to be encouraged by The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s initial successes in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuits, and they’re diversifying their efforts.

Consider, for instance, the whole Steubenville mess being followed by Lee Stranahan. Mr. Stranahan keeps bumping into the same folks he’s seen before, including Jay Leiderman, the same lawyer who is representing Nadia Naffe in her bogus suit against Patrick Frey. There’s also a tangled web of connections with Anonymous and Commander X. Anonymous brings possible ties to Barrett Brown and First Mate Neal Rauhauser. Commander X has ties to the Animal Liberation Front, which may, in turn, have ties to one of the long-term supporters of Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution US.

Neither hacking websites as was done to Lee Stranahan nor crude threats and insults as have come my way via email and Twitter will stop the truth from coming out. Indeed, some of the threats and insults that have come my way have been used to develop leads in the investigation being done by the Vast Hogewash Research Organization. Keep those threats and insults coming, guys, but don’t expect much of a response. I think of you the same way that the composer/conductor Richard Strauss thought of the trombone section (“I don’t look at the trombones. It only encourages them.”).

As I’ve posted before, there’s more information to come out about Team Kimberlin and its allies and enablers, and I’ll publish it at a time of my choosing. To paraphrase Richard Strauss—I may be a second-class blogger, but I’m a first-rate second-class blogger.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE–Well, the Twitter trolls have taken the bait again.