About That Fatal SWATting

SWATting has always been a foolishly dangerous prank. Indeed, there have been times when it appears to have been used as an attempt to kill or seriously injure a targeted person. Last week, what is alleged to be a SWATting prank gone wrong killed a man in Wichita. The LAPD have a suspect in custody.

I wasn’t SWATted, but I did receive a threat that was taken seriously by law enforcement. Stacy McCain was SWATted back in 2013 and has some comments here.

Fun With Gunpowder

Yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call from my good friend and occasional co-defendant Stacy McCain. He invited me out to an undisclosed location for a fireworks display that he was putting together. It turned out to be an impressive show, in large part because of Stacy’s expertise in the use of timed fusing to program the fireworks.Here are a few photos from the display—

A good time was had by all, and no Tovex was used in any of the fireworks.

UPDATE—Be sure to scroll down through the comment section for the video.

UPDATE 2—Videos.

Stacy McCain, Andrew Jackson, and David Brooks Walk Into a Bar …

… and Stacy winds up explaining how folks like David Brooks created the need for politicians like Donald Trump.

Why do I hate David Brooks so much? Because I am a populist, a Jacksonian who believes that the American people deserve a government that serves their interests, and not the interests of a decadent elite.

Read the whole thing.


This blog will observe a 24 hour period of Twitter silence beginning at 6 am this morning in protest to Twitter’s arbitrary suspension of Stacy McCain’s @rsmccain and @SexTroubleBook accounts.

When Stacy was being stalked and harassed by the likes of Barrett Brown (who wound up in Federal prison for his antics), Twitter did nothing to protect Stacy. Stacy has not abused anyone via Twitter. He certainly has not engaged in targeted abuse as Twitter claims. But he has been suspended anyway—pour encourager les autres. It seems that they want to encourage the conservative and libertarian riffraff to simply be quiet and be an audience for sponsored tweets. That may not be a wise business plan.

Trust and Safety? Bullshit! Based on my experience, I find Twitter is untrustworthy to do business with and an unsafe environment for free speech.