Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The whole point of Brett Kimberlin’s attempt to use lawfare and the courts to silence bloggers who wrote truthful posts about him was to protect his online presence, especially a host of websites with DONATE buttons. This post, Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin, Puppet Master, from eight years ago took a look at TDPK’s sock puppet accounts.

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dpk20130206I honestly have no idea how many sock puppets he has. The only one of his secret identities that I’ve ever paid any attention to is Imaginary Friend Occupy Rebellion.

However, it is possible to estimate the number from data on Twitter. @BreitbartUmask has 6,810 followers, so 6,800 sock puppets is a reasonable guess.

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The Breitbart Unmasked website is still up, but it hasn’t had any new material posted for over two years. The BU Twitter account hasn’t tweeted for over a year and has lost three-quarters of its followers. Most of what remain seem to be spam or bot accounts.

#BrettKimberlin and His Response to Walker’s Motion

Patterico posts an analysis of Brett Kimberlin’s Lord Voldemort’s (He Who Must Not Be Named under threat of peace order) response here. Mr. Frey provides documentation that some of the “evidence” in the Dark Lord’s exhibits are forged postings sockpuppeted to manufacture “evidence.” In the case of a pair of comments at the Patterico site, the moderation filter logged information that has been preserved even after the comments were deleted. Read the post to find out how the scam was supposed to work. The image below shows that the two comments (supposedly from different sources, and one from Mr. Frey) came from the same IP address. In Luxembourg. Owned by a ISP in the UK.

Image Credit: Patterico

Note to the bad guys: Most blogging software and services will capture your IP address when you comment on our sites.

It will be interesting to see how Aaron Walker’s lawyers use the evidence developed by Mr. Frey in the state and federal cases now pending with/against Lord Voldemort.