Wisconsin is Still Open

Governor Walker has ordered the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to keep state parks and recreational facilities open that the National Park Service had ordered closed. (H/T, Ed Morrissey)

Walker has blamed both the Democrats and the Republicans for the federal shutdown. The feds have closed access to large swaths of public land in the state, but Walker is keeping any jointly funded properties or areas where the state has an operating agreement opened. For example, the state DNR reopened a boat launching ramp at a state park on the Mississippi River. The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service closed the ramp because the river bank is federal land. The DNR took down the barrycades at the landing, claiming that it had authority to operate the ramp under a 1961 agreement.



Congratulations, Scott Walker

Fox, CNN, and NBC are calling the recall election for Governor Walker. At 10:07 pm ET, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel site showed the vote at 60/40 for Walker with 30% of the precincts reporting. The final tally won’t be that lopsided. Most of Milwaukee County has not reported yet.

UPDATE—Chicago Boyz calls Wisconsin the Stalingrad of the Left.

UPDATE 2—PJ Tatler dubs the evening Waterloo for Big Labor.

UPDATE 3—Ann Althouse notices that tonight’s electoral map has more red counties than last year’s State Supreme Court election.

10:09: Look at the blue-red balance on the map for last year’s state supreme court battle. Now look at tonight’s map.

UPDATE 4—It’s midnight, and the MJ-S site is showing the vote 54/45 for Walker with 89% of the precincts counted.

Good Luck, Scott Walker

The polls look good for Gov. Walker. I hope we are offering congratulations this evening.

While I was looking around for news and comments about today’s recall, my eye was caught by the headline on a piece at Via Meadia containing these words: NY Times in Panic Mode. Read it. It’s not long, but it condenses an explanation of why we outside Wisconsin should care about today’s vote.

A generation of activists and “progressives” raised on Howard Zinn is having an important life experience in Wisconsin. The “people united” are defeated more often than not in American politics. The silent majority isn’t itching for the “genuinely progressive” candidates and platforms lefties think they want. (That majority also isn’t looking for candidates from the doctrinaire right, either, by the way.)
… A Scott Walker victory would reshape not just Republican politics but Democratic politics as well; leaders like Andrew Cuomo in New York and Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago will be paying attention. If Walker wins handily, more Democrats will see the writing on the wall: Support for public sector unions simply isn’t the political winner it once was. This could presage a larger post-blue shift in the Democratic party for decades to come.

Moreover, a solid victory by Scott Walker with a margin even better than the polls predict will spread the panic from the Times to Obama reelection headquarters in Chicago.

Good luck, Governor!

The Other Walker

For the last week or so, I’ve been blogging about Aaron Walker and his run in with Brett Kimberlin, but there’s another Walker in the news, and he’s getting much more press attention.

Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, is subject to a recall election next Tuesday. The issues there have been so well covered that I haven’t bothered to comment. However, I’m beginning to see stuff in the MSM about how the recall election could be a dry run of the presidential election in November. I’m also seeing a certain pessimism among Democrats over the result. Are they preparing their faithful for a coming loss?

UPDATE—Byron York discusses why President Obama is staying out of Wisconsin. The President is on the wrong side of the issues. Also, if Walker retains his governorship after the President campaigned against him, it would make Barack Obama seem even less effective.