I was up until the wee hours of this morning watching the live coverage of the Independence Referendum on the Internet feed from BBC Scotland. (It was much more interesting than the main BBC coverage.) Here are few random impressions.

1. The politics in Scotland are heavily skewed to the left. Representatives of the Labour party often represented the unionists view which was deem to be a “conservative” position.

2. The first returns were from small districts and were roughly 60/40 for No. When Dundee reported its results, the margin dropped into the 51/49 range, but it quickly settled into roughly 54/46 as other districts reported. When Edinburgh finally reported, the final result was 55/45 for No.

3. Scotland counted over 3,600,000 paper ballots in about 8 hours. By hand.

4. The vote from East Lothian, the area from which my ancestor emigrated in 1680, voted 62/38 for No.

5. The Yes vote won in only four districts (out of 32), all areas of high unemployment in what could be considered the Rust Belt of Scotland.