Truth in Advertising (Unexpectedly!)

Elizabeth Warren: “I’m going for the hick vote”

hick, n.: an unsophisticated provincial person.

What kind of person would vote for Prof. Warren? Would it be someone who understands the way the real world works, or would it be someone with a more limited (dare we say, less sophisticated) experience, the sort found in those who have studied life rather than lived it? Aren’t her likely voters to be found among those whose regional preferences and ties are strong and who are lacking in experience of the wider world? As an example, take Pauline Kael’s 1972 comment, “How can that be? No one I know voted for Nixon.” Don’t such folks meet (unexpectedly!) the definition of hicks?

You know, one of the synonyms for hick is rube. As Prof. Reynolds says–another rube self identifies.

UPDATE–I’d like to suggest a couple of new terms to use in describing certain elitists. The first is Harvard Hick. A Harvard Hick is a graduate of or faculty/staff member of one of those toney northeastern schools (especially the Vanderbilt-of-the-North) who believes that his high SAT scores grant him superior status over the dimwits in flyover country. The second is Berkley Bumpkin. The Berkley Bumpkin is the Harvard Hick’s left coast cousin who has similar attributes as his northeastern relative and also knows he is infinitely more cool that the inmates of flyover country.