Smitty offers this prayer for the actor in a promotional video celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

Lord, have mercy on the fellow in this video, and lay a healthy load of wisdom on his head, so that he can grasp the total foulness of this video, repent of his folly, and set about repairing the societal damage to which he’s contributed.

Smitty also points out the Orwellian language inversion that permits the use of “reproductive rights” to describe the killing of a child in utero.

UPDATE–Corrected the posting credit to Smitty. My bad.

Also, Jackie Wellfonder has further thought on the anniversary here.

Four Decades of Decadence

Stacy McCain has a post up about how societal decadence has led to a confusion of the proper complementary roles of men and women.

Read the whole thing, but before you go, allow me to make an observation about gender confusion. The very term itself is confused. Gender is a property of nouns and pronouns. Sex is a property of living organisms. My name is masculine. I am male.