Another Endorsement

Not from me, but it looks like the Texans are banding together. Rick Perry has endorsed Ted Cruz.

That could be a smooth move on Perry’s part. If Cruz goes all the way, he’s on board early enough to get a good seat for the ride. If someone else gets the nomination, he was just helping a fellow Texas conservative, and he can move to support the winner, no harm/no foul.


Perry Pushes Back

RickPAC_Wanted-TshirtRick Perry is selling t-shirts with his mug shot on the front to raise money for Rickpac (his superpac). The DUI DA’s picture is on the back. This is exactly the kind of pushback Republicans need to be engaging in.

I don’t know that I’ll wind up supporting Perry if he runs for the Republican nomination in 2016, but this kind of pushback against the bogus indictment for doing his job is a good sign.

Foolishness in Travis County, Texas

Rosemary Lehmberg, the District Attorney of Travis County, Texas, was busted for DWI. As a result, she did jail time and temporarily lost her license to practice law. She refused to resign her office, and now, a special prosecutor has indicted Governor Rick Perry for exercising his veto power over a part of the state’s funding for the DA’s office.

This case is so bizarre that even John Chiat and Think Progress are embarrassed by it, but much of the leadership of the Texas Democrat Party is gone all in, hoping to make a dent in the Republican Party’s control of state’s government.

Patterico has the best legal analysis I’ve read so far of the patently bogus indictment. Read the whole thing.

Shooting Lessons from a Governor

Texas Governor Rick Perry met with a group of bloggers at a shooting range, and Kathleen McKinley tells about her shooting lesson from him. The pistol used was the same Ruger LCP that Gov. Perry used to dispatch a coyote that attacked while he was walking his dog.

BTW, I concur with his choice of the LCP with a laser sight as a small carry gun.

Rick Perry isn’t the first politician to carry a .380 pistol for personal protection. President Theodore Roosevelt packed a Colt Model 1908. How many other current governors do you think carry for their own protection, and how many completely rely on bodyguards? I know which way I’d bet on Martin O’Malley, the Governor of Maryland.

Will He Make It To The Promised Land?

Rick Perry has a sense of humor. At a Faith and Freedom Coalition prayer breakfast he reflected on his gaffes on the campaign trail.

Moses, he tried to talk God out of making him go lead the people. He wasn’t a good speaker. Now, from time to time I can relate to that.

Tina Korbe wonders if, like Moses, Perry, who doesn’t see himself as a great speaker, won’t wind up delivering a powerful message. He may—and like Moses he may not enter the Promised Land either.