Rich Lowry Sticks It to the Mann

Mark Steyn did one of his beautifully pointed posts over at The Corner concerning “the ringmaster of the tree-ring circus” of Climategate, Michael Mann of Penn State. Prof. Mann was offended and had his lawyers send a nastygram to National Review threatening legal action. Rich Lowry’s response was Get Lost, and he reminded Prof. Mann that any lawsuit would open all the work that he has fought to keep hidden from public view to discovery and use by the magazine in its defense.

Stacy McCain comments on Mr. Lowry’s spirited response and Prof. Mann’s predicament:

Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel (or pixels by the terrabyte, as the case may be). Above and beyond handing Lowry the journalistic license to go rooting around in Mann’s life and career, a legal fight with Mann would provide National Review with a lucrative fundraising opportunity and a publicity bonanza. How many Drudge links, talk-radio segments and Fox News interviews would be inspired by such a lawsuit?

Nice touch mentioning pixels by the terabyte. I wonder where that came from.

In any case, the left is losing control of the The Narrative. Expect even more panic.