Tonight’s Convention

The one line that struck me in all of tonight’s speeches was one from Melania Trump about how we Americans are not proud of everything in our history.

Our history? It’s clear that she was referring to slavery as a part of the nation’s history. She’s an immigrant, born in Slovenia, with no connections to ancestors who were either American slaveholders or slaves. As the descendant of slaveholders, I’m impressed by her willingness to take up part of our nation’s historical burden as her own. Her roots originally may have been in Slovenia, but she has transplanted herself here. I’m an American by birth. She’s an American by choice. Our history!

Dobro, Gospa Trump!

A Brief Review of Tonight’s Convention

First, I thought that tonight’s presentation was more polished and professional that last week’s event. For example, there were no fake audience reaction shots. The program had the look and feel of something put together by a mainline broadcasting organization. Last week’s convention was only marginally better than a Zoom meeting.

Second, the message seemed more coherent than last week’s. I received the embargoed press release advanced copies of the speeches. Of course, the recorded ones didn’t deviate from what I received, and I was impressed about how tightly the live speakers stuck to what was on their teleprompters.

The money quote of the evening may have come from Donald Trump, Jr.—

It’s almost like this election is shaping up to be church, work, and school vs. rioting, looting, and vandalism—or, in the words of Biden and the Democrats, “peaceful protesting.”

Stay Tuned