Trump v. Pelosi v. AOC

Donald Trump is running for reelection, and it seems that he’d rather run against the sort of Progressive Democrat whose politics are strongly different from his own—”a choice not an echo” to borrow an old campaign slogan. While AOC won’t be the 2020 nominee, she’s the face of the Democrat’s for now, and that seems to suit Trump just fine.

Nancy Pelosi’s goals aren’t much different from She Guevara’s, but the two differ radically on how to achieve those goals. After six months as a congresscritter, AOC has shown that she is unwilling and/or unable to work within the established congressional order. She wants revolution now. Pelosi’s decades of practical politics have taught her that a recurring first step toward her goals is winning elections. She’s also seen what happens when her side’s politics moves too fast for the voters. See, eg., the elections of 1994 and 2010.

Pelosi isn’t all that popular with voters outside the costal blue zones, but recent poling shows that AOC and her squad of newbies are unpopular even in many Democrat strongholds. Thus, Trump would much rather have She Guevara as the face of the Democratic Party. As the coming primaries settle on the Democrat’s presidential nominee, that candidate will push AOC aside, but her effect on the party’s branding will linger, and Trump sees that as to his advantage.

So Trump is likely to continue baiting AOC and her squad. And given their mix of arrogance and inexperience, I suspect they’ll keep taking the bait.

Oh, one more thing … I’ve seen Trump’s tweets from last weekend labeled as “racist.” He suggested that a foreign-born congresswoman return to her homeland, straighten it out, and then come back to show us how it was done. How is that challenge racist?

Another Statue Bites the Dust

The Guardian reports that a statue of Mohandas K. Gandhi has disappeared from the campus of the University of Ghana. (H/T, @TitaniaMcGrath)

A Mahatma Gandhi statue has been removed from the campus of the University of Ghana after protests from students and faculty who argue the Indian independence leader considered Africans “inferior”.

The statue was unveiled at the university in the Ghanian capital Accra two years ago but has been the subject of controversy and was removed in the middle of the night on Tuesday, leaving just an empty plinth.

Scholars have highlighted evidence in past years showing the revered freedom-fighter, whose theories of civil resistance helped India throw off British colonialism and inspired generations of activists including Martin Luther King Jr, held derogatory views towards native communities in South Africa.

Perhaps all of humanity’s ancestors were racists, and we should simply dispose of all of our memorials to them and their past achievements.

The Raaaaacism Industrial Complex

Fifty years ago, great men with real moral authority were leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, men the likes of Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, the nation has changed, and one change is the growth and development of what can be described as the Racism Industrial Complex. Its members are a group of “community leaders” and left-wing pundits who use the echoes of past legitimate grievances to paint current events to their political advantage. It may not be well grounded in reality, but it’s a way to make a living.

Smitty appears to have had enough of these people, and he expresses his frustration today with a partial fisking of a piece by Jamelle Bouie. Mr. Bouie’s essay at The American Prospect asserts race is a principal driver in Republican opposition to Barack Obama. Smitty points out that the opposition to the President is principled and that it is very unlikely conservatives such as Allen West and Thomas Sowell … oh, go read Smitty’s post.