And in Other Election News …

CBS reports that Kanye West appears to have collected enough signatures to be on the ballot as an independent candidate for President in his home state of Illinois this November. Just splitting the Democrats’ vote in Chicago alone could be decisive this fall. If Kanye gets on the ballot in a few more blue states, I’m gonna have to buy some more popcorn futures.

Leadership on Impeachment

There’s a growing group among the Democrats in Congress agitating for the impeachment of President Trump. It may be that they are just throwing some political mud around as a form of self-promotion. OTOH, they may really believe that Trump should go. If the later is the case, they need to get themselves better organized. Not all of them were around for the Clinton impeachment 19 years ago, so they should pick a leader with some actual practical experience with the impeachment process. Alcee Hastings comes to mind.