Don’t Know Much Biology—Or English Vocabulary

Politico has a story up headlined Data brokers resist pressure to stop collecting info on pregnant people.

Perhaps someone should remind (or inform) the staff at Politico that only sexually mature human beings with XX chromosomes have the bodily organs required to gestate a baby, i.e., to be pregnant. In the English language such humans are called “women.”

Journalistic Objectivity?

Politico’s headliner for their coverage of the Iowa caucuses is, get this, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the head of the Democratic National Committee. (H/T, Hot Air)

OK, I can understand wanting a contrarian analysis, but how is this balanced?

Having two opposing analysts or commentators makes sense or at least can be entertaining. I remember watching William F. Buckley, Jr., paired with Gore Vidal in 1968. Who will be the counterpoise to Ms. Wasserman-Schultz? Or will Politico’s coverage be one-sided?

Put Up or Shut Up

I know what it like to be falsely accused of a crime. In my case, I was accused of assaulting a picketer while I was crossing a picket line to go to work. I was able to face my accuser in open court and was acquitted.

Herman Cain should also be able to face his accusers. Legal Insurrection is dead on target in comparing Politico’s hit piece on Cain with the Dan Rather attack on George Bush in an earlier presidential primary season.

There seem to be a lot of anonymous claims but not a lot of proof. Those making the claims should either put up or shut up.

If Cain has not been straightforward with us, then he deserves to be run off the electoral stage, but if he’s innocent, he deserves an opportunity to vindicate his good name.

UPDATE–The Media Research Center has a report documenting the extreme media interest in the Cain rumors vis a vis scandals involving Bill Clinton. (H/T Tina Korbe)

UPDATE 2—Fred Thompson has a insightful essay on l’Affaire Cain at NRO. He has an interesting take on who is driving the story. I tend to agree; I don’t think it’s mere coincidence that every top tier Republican except one has been similarly hit. Read the whole thing.

UPDATE 3—Allahpundit further dissects the vagueness factor of the story and points out that it has not yet put a damper on Cain’s fund raising.