Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Now that Anthony Weiner is back out on the streets (he got time off for good behavior), perhaps he will turn to people who have previously helped him to get reintegrated into society. We know that various members of Team Kimberlin were involved in supporting Weiner through the first Weinergate debacle. It may be that the ex-cons on Team Kimberlin can help Anthony go straight.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, and six years ago today, I ran this post about Talking Like Dread Pirate #Brett Kimberlin.

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Arrrrgh! None of the rest of his crew were available for comment.

#NealRauhauser’s Latest Fiction

I haven’t had much to say about First Mate Neal Rauhauser of late, but he’s put up a post on his blog today (No, I won’t link to it.) that contains some nonsense related to Team Kimberlin’s harassment of me.

Only one of the peace orders was ever approved and it denies the right of a journalist to even mention someone by name on Twitter. The judge appeared to have confused the use of the @mention with the sending of a point to point communication, but the end result has been fantastic – the appellate court took one look at the case and promptly referred it to the Maryland Supreme Court.

Other happenings in Maryland include an assault outside a courtroom, threats to judges and prosecutors, a courthouse cleared with a bomb threat, and some other things which are not public, but which all add up to a textbook definition of hate group tactics. Law enforcement has cause to act at the state level in Maryland and I strongly suspect there is already something in the federal pipeline. The smear machine behind this derpy ‘war’ on the Obama administration is under fire from GOP strategist Karl Rove and it’s literally one indictment short of tearing itself to pieces.

<fisking>I assume the peace order FMNR is talking about is the one issued against Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt. It does not deny anyone’s right to mention anyone else by name on Twitter. The order forbids the Cabin Boy from contacting, attempting to contact, or harassing me. It’s not rocket science to figure out how to write about someone without contacting or attempting to contact him. I’m doing that about Neal Rauhauser right now. And anyone who stayed awake in Journalism 101 should be able to write about someone else without engaging in harassment.

The judge was not confused about how an @ mention works on Twitter. He had the Twitter Rules and Best Practices in front of him, and he read that

[y]ou can direct a Tweet at a specific Twitter user using @replies and mentions.

He took that to mean what it says—including @username in a tweet directs it to the username account.

The Court of Special Appeals kicked the appeal upstairs to the Court of Appeals because that’s where it should have been filed in the first place. The Cabin Boy filed his appeal with the wrong court. I’ve been aware of that all along, but it’s not my place to help him.

An assault outside of a courtroom? When? Where? The only altercation I’m aware of occurred when Pedi Officer No-Class Gillette verbally harassed Tetyana Kimberlin after a protective order hearing. There was no physical contact, and a bailiff detained Craig Gillette so that Mrs. Kimberlin could leave the courthouse in peace.

Threats to judges and prosecutors? When? Where?

Oh, yeah, the bomb threat. It was on the day that several charges against members of Team Kimberlin were to be dropped in District Court. A Pennsylvania woman was arrested in connection with that bomb threat to the Carroll County Circuit Courthouse. After Carroll County Sheriff’s detectives learned who had made the call, she was located at her Littlestown, Pennsylvania, residence and was taken into custody by the Littlestown Police Department on an unrelated arrest warrant for failure to appear for trial in Carroll County.  She had been scheduled to appear on charges of driving without a license. Although the threat was to the Circuit Courthouse, the District Courthouse was cleared as well.

And other things which are not public … Yeah. Right. I’m sure the public will be informed when something good enough has been cooked up.

The one thing FMNR does have right is the potential involvement of state and federal law enforcement. Some of the Maryland matters under investigation are typically handled by state agencies. And the feds are nosing about as well. For instance, failure of a federal sex offender to register is usually handled by the U. S. Marshals.

Oh, and I don’t particularly care for Karl Rove either.</fisking>

I’m sure First Mate Neal took great satisfaction in spinning his tale, but I doubt that the Cabin Boy would have take off one of his shoes to count the number of people who actually believe FMNR’s stuff.

UPDATE—I should point out that I wrote the post above from the point of view of an eyewitness. Neal Rauhauser wrote his piece based on hearsay. He never attended any of the court dates. Neal is a fugitive. If he had shown up at a courthouse, the bailiffs would have served the outstanding New Jersey arrest warrants on him.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I used a term in a post headline yesterday that I should define.

Kimberbots. The Kimberbots are not actual card-carrying members of Team Kimberlin in the same sense as First Mate Neal Rauhauser, Pedi Officer No-Class Gillette, or Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt. The Kimberbots are the fanboys, cheerleaders, and enablers who tweet and blog their admiration and support for The Dread Pedo Kimberlin.

Justice Through Music Project and Child Porn

Over at the Justice Through Music Project website (I read it so you don’t have to, and, no, I won’t link to it.) there’s a blog entry that dredges up a story from last year about Pete Townsend speaking out about his arrest for visiting an illegal porn site in 1999. Mr. Townsend received a “police caution” and spent five years on a sex offender registry.

Funny how JTMP would bring that up just now.

Brett Kimberlin, the “charity’s” Director, has been accused of having sex with an underage girl, and Craig Gillette, who has been associated with the organization apparently since Day One, has been been revealed as an ex-con who served time for possession of child pornography and as an unregistered sex offender. Sources indicate that Messrs. Kimberlin and Craig met in prison.

The blog post asks,

What does everyone think? Should people be able to move on with their lives?

Or do some actions need to have continuing consequences?

#BillSchmalfeldt and Porn

As of the drafting of this post, Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt has not made any effort to distance himself from Pedi Officer No-Class Gillette, another member of Team Kimberlin who did federal time for possession of child pornography and who has now apparently failed to register as a sex offender. The Cabin Boy himself has published images that are not merely pornographic; some, he admits, were designed to be obscene.

I have been the subject of at least three such images. When he received a DMCA takedown notice from the copyright owner of the first image he had altered, he retaliated by photoshopping my face into a homoerotic image. (Gay sex and anal sex seem to be a recurring theme with Schmalfeldt.) He took that down at the request of the copyright owner of the video from which my face had be taken, but when a public domain image of his face remained posted here at Hogewash!, he retaliated again by photoshopping a different image of my face into a second homoerotic picture. Use of my likeness without my permission in that case violated the Terms of Service of the web hosting company he was using, so I filed a complaint. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but the picture came down.

Bill Schmalfeldt says he doesn’t work for Brett Kimberlin. That may be literally true. He could be paid by Justice Through Music Project. Or Neal Rauhauser. Or he could be an independent contractor, as if these guys would send him a 1099 instead of a W-2. Or he might be getting in kind payment, such as free web hosting on the Team Kimberlin Dutch server. Or paid legal support. Or he might be stupid enough to be an unpaid volunteer. Regardless of how (or if) he is compensated, he certainly seems to be an associate of Brett Kimberlin and to be doing his bidding. That would mean that he is teamed with a pedophile and a convicted child pornographer.

He’s denounced pedophilia, but claims The Dread Pedo Kimberlin isn’t a pedophile. (He hasn’t seen the evidence that I have, and by evidence I don’t mean the uncorroborated testimony of a single individual.) However, he has not denounced child pornography, and Craig Gillette pleaded guilty to possession of kiddie porn.

Given the Cabin Boy’s own affinity for porn, one wonders why he won’t simply say that child pornography is over the line in the same way pedophilia is. Unless, of course, …

UPDATE—Bill Schmalfeldt has finally come out against child pornography.

RadioWMS ‏Child pornography is worse than murder, in my POV. It means you have scarred an individual for his or her life. Murder leaves someone dead.
7:04 PM – 3 Aug 13 GMT

And It’s Only Thursday

It’s been a bumpy ride for Team Kimberlin and some of us covering The Continuing Saga.

On Sunday, Tetyana Kimberlin filed for her own protective order against Brett Kimberlin. She also charged that he had sex with her while she was underage, what is commonly called statutory rape and is formally called sex offense in the third degree in Maryland. Also, Hogewash! published a picture of Brett taken at BlogBash.

On Monday, there was a hearing in District Court for Brett’s petition for a protective order. His temporary order was extended to allow time for a report from Child Protective Services. Brett then took to Twitter using his @BreitbartUnmask account to post a copy of a bogus travel document he had obtained for Tetyana that “proved” she was 18 when they married. Within minutes, references to documents he had submitted with her correct date of birth were being posted on the Internet.

On Tuesday, there was a hearing in District Court for Tetyana’s petition for a protective order. It was granted and both protective order cases were combined with her child custody petition in Circuit Court. During the hearing, Brett tried to involve Aaron Walker in the case. The case was assigned to the same Circuit Court judge who heard Kimberlin v. Allen and who awarded Brett only $100 rather than the $2+ million he sought, explaining that the award was based solely on Allen’s default. That probably isn’t good news for Brett. Brett violated the protective order as Tetyana was leaving the courtroom by having a JTMP employee named Craig Gillette accost her in the hall. Finally, Brett tried to counterpunch by charging Aaron Walker and me with harassing him. The charges are rubbish, and he has bought himself even more trouble by filing them.

Wednesday was Craig Gillette’s day. Working together with Stacy McCain, members of the Vast Hogewash Research Organization uncovered evidence of Gillette’s criminal record. The Other McCain broke the news of Gillette’s federal prison sentence for possession of child pornography, and this blog followed up minutes later with court documents and a report of Gillette’s absence from the Sex Offender Registry. McCain has his follow ups here and here.

Through the whole week, Bill Schmalfeldt has continued his campaign to further beclown himself on copyright issues. The Cabin Boy has stated his distaste for pedophiles, but has not yet (as I’m writing this) come out against child porn. Given his own publication of homoerotic porn that he admits is obscene, his refusal to comment on child porn … Oh, never mind. I just checked before hitting the Publish button to see what Schmalfeldt might be tweeting. He’s still supporting The Dread Pedo Kimberlin.

Those are just a few highlights for the week. We were told by Team Kimberlin to expect big news on Monday. They thought the week would be about their Groundswell meme. It’s been more of a sinkhole thus far. And it is only Thursday. I think most of today’s action will be behind the scenes.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—It didn’t take long for the Cabin Boy to begin touting the nolle prossing of his latest harassment charge by the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office. The decision was taken over 10 days ago, so I didn’t include it in a summary of this week so far.

Now, the Gentle Reader may wonder how I knew about the State’s Attorney’s decision well before Bill Schmalfeldt. The answer boils down to actually doing journalism rather than claiming to be a journalist. It’s the same method by which I know which other governmental agencies are still investigating the matter that the HoCo SA dropped. For now.

The fat lady has not yet sung. She’s just starting to warm up.

We Have a Winner!

Actually, a pair of winners, although Cabin Boy Bill will insist that they’re the same person.

Earlier, I asked for nominations for Craig Gillette’s title as a member of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s crew. Kimberlin Unmasked suggested Petty Officer No-Class and Aaron Walker suggested Pedi Officer. I’m combining the two suggestions into Pedi Officer No-Class Gillette (PO0G).

Another crew member will have his position redesignated just after midnight.

Stay tuned.