Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Here are a couple of posts from nine years ago today. The first is about More Bloggers Harassed by Team Kimberlin. The second is about Brett Kimberlin as He Who Must Not Be Named.

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Ken at Popehat has a post summarizing the Kimberlin brouhaha. (H/T, Jonathan H. Adler) He mentions that he is looking for lawyer to support a couple of yet unidentified bloggers facing legal harassment, one in Central Florida and one in Middle Tennessee.

Akbar is not the only additional victim. I’m trying to help another blogger faced with particularly despicable lawfare, apparently by Kimberlin allies. I put up the Popehat signal here. I’ve gotten some responses, but I’m still looking for federal criminal practitioners in the Middle Districts of Florida and Tennessee.


UPDATE–There is good advice concerning how to deal with possible harassment in this post at The Camp of the Saints.

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Goldfish and Clowns [dead link] refers to a certain person harassing bloggers as “he who must not be named” lest one be hauled into court. (H/T, @exconsview)

If Kimberlin be Voldemort, which one of us is Harry Potter?

UPDATE–Is Judge Vaughey a muggle?

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@exconsview was Paul Lemmen’s Twitter account in 2012, and Paul was the blogger for whom the Ken White had activated the Popehat signal. Paul was on supervised release from federal prison. He had been convicted of fraud charges in the Middle District of Tennessee and had moved to central Florida.Paul had been blogging about Kimberlin, members of Team Kimberlin were filing bogus complaints about Paul with his parole officer. As a result of that pressure, Paul “cooperated” with Team Kimberlin until his pro bono lawyer was able to sort things out with the Parole Commission. Paul was on the inside of Team Kimberlin for about six months.

He left with a mother lode of emails and other files, many of which have been useful over the past years. There is still some rather interesting information that there’s been no need to publish. Yet.

After the He Who Must Not Be Named post, I began referring to Kimberlin as Lord Voldemort and his allies and enablers as Death Eater Wannabes. Later in 2012, Kimberlin set up a pirate-themed website called the Bloggers Offense Fund. That’s when I began calling him The Dread Pirate Kimberlin. After he sued me, that became The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin, and after he failed to pay sanctions and court costs, Dread became Deadbeat. So now he’s The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin. The tag also describes many of his other attributes: Pusher, Performer, Perjurer, …

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

As of midnight, the supervised release portion of Paul Lemmen’s sentence has ended. He is no longer under supervision and is a free man. Congratulations, Paul.

Paul spent some time on the inside of Team Kimberlin, and when he left, he brought along a great deal of interesting material. Now that Team Kimberlin is no longer able to apply pressure on Paul through his probation officer, some of the more interesting bits will be coming into public view. Others may come out later. (The good guys have enough aces in this hand that we don’t have to play them all up front.)

movie popcornThe Gentle Reader should be patient and watch as the tricks unfold.

And have plenty of popcorn on hand.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, Seven no trump.


DeRP Signs Off

Richard M. Nixon (Deceased), aka Paul Lemmen, has put up what he says is his final blog post. Paul’s health as been poor for several years, and last year he was diagnosed with cancer.

Paul is quite a character. He had a pretty good run as a con man. He got caught, did time, and is now on supervised release. Given his prognosis, he doesn’t expect to outlive his sentence.

Paul was the first person to follow me on Twitter, and he has been helpful to me in many ways, some that I may never be able to explain publicly.

I pray that the next months are peaceful and gentle for him.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Paul Lemmen is an ex-con. He was a military impersonator, a fraudster, and a con man, and he went to federal prison for it. He’s now on supervised release. Paul is also a blogger. I became aware of him because he was the first person to follow me on Twitter, so I clicked over to check out his An Ex-Con’s View blog. That was in late May or early June of last year. Like so many of us, Paul was blogging about Brett Kimberlin and he seemed to be on the side of the good guys.

Then something happened. Paul’s supervised release was threatened, apparently because someone was accusing him of writing defamatory stuff (sound familiar?). The Popehat Signal went up, Paul got some pro bono legal help, and things settled down for a while.

Then Paul switched sides. He began aligning himself with Team Kimberlin. That alignment stayed intact until early this year, when Paul decided that he had had enough of the dark side. Since then, he has been assisting those of us on Team Lickspittle in finding information about Team Kimberlin.

Yesterday, Paul came out of the closet and publicly apologized to those he injured last year. Gentle Reader, I can’t tell you everything I know about his situation, but I am convinced that what Paul did last year was done under duress.

Paul has a lousy reputation because of his past, so it’s not surprising that people are cautious. They should be, but, thus far, he has been an invaluable source of inside information concerning much of Team Kimberlin’s activities in 2012.

UPDATE—I’m not surprised that there have been so many negative comments about Paul Lemmen. He’s done a lot of bad things. He has a great deal to make amends for.

He has also been an invaluable source of intelligence on the operation of Team Kimberlin, providing leads that have been backed up by other sources. I am thankful for his help.

UPDATE 2—One question being asked is why Paul Lemmen decided to come out of the closet now. Remember that he had be put under pressure of having his supervised release revoked. On 7 October, @BreitbartUnmasked tweeted this—BU201310071412ZzGiven that implied threat from Team Kimberlin, I can understand why Paul might want to come clean. You can’t blackmail someone by threatening to tell information that is already published.

UPDATE 3—I have known the identity of @RMNixonDeceased since January.

With Due Respect

“After due consideration,” Paul Lemmen is “stepping aside” from the effort to shine light on Brett Kimberlin and his gang of thugs and their war on the First Amendment rights of bloggers. He says that he is doing so in order keep from further muddying the water because of controversy  over his personal history.

I will miss Paul’s contributions, but I believe he is taking a very mature and very honorable step. I hope that his blog doesn’t stay dark permanently. He has much to offer on other topics.


Brett Kimberlin Lord Voldemort is a convicted felon who committed very dangerous crimes, and he is using underhanded lawfare and Internet harassment to attempt to silence his critics. This is a bad thing.

Film Ladd is concerned about similar behavior by some our our side of the issue. Paul Lemmen’s blog has gone dark because he is disgusted with harassment he says he is receiving because of questions he has asked concerning the background of another blogger.

Why are we fighting amongst ourselves? Mr. Lemmen’s questions are legitimate. They should be answered forthrightly. He should not be pressured to shut up because someone is vital to “the cause.” None of us is so important that he should be unwilling to step aside, if only temporarily, until everyone has a clear understanding of the facts.

The Dark Lord is probably chuckling over this bit of disarray among the right side of the blogosphere.

The Rauhauser/Lemmen Emails

Paul Lemmen has posted the entire email exchange. I’ll be back with a comment after I’ve read the whole thing.

UPDATE–Wow! Mr. Lemmen was certainly able to get Neal Rauhauser to open up. He was clearly using skills well honed in his previous career as a con man. I’m reminded of the title of the old TV series, It Takes a Thief.

I have included my responses in order to provide context and accuracy as well as in the interest of brutal honesty. They show that I was being disingenuous with Neal in an attempt to draw him out and to reveal more of the inner working of his mind as well as to elicit connections to other players on the opposition.

Mr. Rauhauser’s … what’s a good word here … I guess, ravings almost make me believe that we are dealing with someone who is off his rocker. Still, there’s something about the way he spins things that feels devious and not above board. I’m still reserving the possibility that the guy is simply evil.

The net draws tighter.

UPDATE 2–Patterico picked up on an interesting possible legal angle in the emails. (H/T, Bob Belvedere)

If the emails are genuine — and they read very much like Neal Rauhauser’s unique writing style — then they appear to reveal a close working relationship between Brett Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser and the New Hampshire Attorney General investigating James O’Keefe.

Someone should call the New Hampshire Attorney General and ask the Assistant Attorney General who wrote the letter, Richard Head (actual name), if Rauhauser’s claims are true.

What do you want to bet?

Another notch tighter.

Yet Another Attack on a Blogger

Paul Lemmen is an ex-con whose blog is aptly named An Ex-Con’s View. He’s yet another blogger apparently under attack by Brett Kimberlin Lord Voldemort. Rather than rehash the details here, let me refer you to a summary posted at Popehat.

Go read it before you finish this post. Go ahead, I’ll wait …

Mr. Lemmen is a convicted confidence man. As such, he’s an easy target for the kind of harassment described in the Popehat post, threatened revocation of his supervised release from prison. Yet, it doesn’t appear that he has done anything that would violate the terms of his release.

18 USC 1001 makes it a crime to make a knowing materially false statement to a government agency. It would be interesting to know who said what to whom about Mr. Lemmen.