Patterico has a post up with extensive documentation connecting Neal Rauhauser with the “Gapped Crusader,” an anonymous supporter of Brett Kimberlin Lord Voldemort who has boasted harassing bloggers. He begins by showing that the same IP address was used by bothe Mr. Rauhauser and the “Crusader” and show other similarities, too many for mere coincidence to be likely.

Neal Rauhauser spent a solid year lying about me. Now the time has come for me to tell the truth about him.

Read the whole thing. It will take a while, but it’s worth it to follow the story closely. Patterico promises that this is the first of many more such posts to come.

Someone should be turning state’s evidence soon.

#BrettKimberlin and His Response to Walker’s Motion

Patterico posts an analysis of Brett Kimberlin’s Lord Voldemort’s (He Who Must Not Be Named under threat of peace order) response here. Mr. Frey provides documentation that some of the “evidence” in the Dark Lord’s exhibits are forged postings sockpuppeted to manufacture “evidence.” In the case of a pair of comments at the Patterico site, the moderation filter logged information that has been preserved even after the comments were deleted. Read the post to find out how the scam was supposed to work. The image below shows that the two comments (supposedly from different sources, and one from Mr. Frey) came from the same IP address. In Luxembourg. Owned by a ISP in the UK.

Image Credit: Patterico

Note to the bad guys: Most blogging software and services will capture your IP address when you comment on our sites.

It will be interesting to see how Aaron Walker’s lawyers use the evidence developed by Mr. Frey in the state and federal cases now pending with/against Lord Voldemort.