Expect the Unexpected

Stacy McCain has a post up about the negative economic growth reported for the last quarter of 2012. He wonders how the Main Stream Media will spin their reporting. I’ll bet they will claim that they were drinking heavily while celebrating the election results and blame Busch.

Mr. McCain’s post is entitled Obamanomics Fails–Unexpectedly! in a riff on the Main Stream Media’s continuing disbelief that The Lightworker is unable to defy the Laws of Economics.

Folks, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Expect the “unexpected.”

UPDATE–For the past year, I’ve expected the economy to begin contracting if Barack Obama were reelected. Business that were putting off investing in expansion in hope of a Romney victory are now being joined by joined by other firms facing the costs of Obamacare and four more years of over-the-top regulation and irresponsible fiscal policy. More people are going Galt.

The next four years are going to be tough brutal.

Shoe Leather v. Conventional Wisdom

The conventional wisdom is that President Obama is leading Mitt Romney in the polls in Ohio and is therefore headed for reelection. Stacy McCain has spent some time in Ohio and, he reports that the situation on the ground seems to conflict with the polling data. Obamanomics isn’t working significantly better in Ohio than it is in the rest of the real world.

Ah, the real world. Perhaps the polling data is actually from OIHO.