Is This Their Legal Precedent?

Well, when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.

—Richard Nixon

Not only is DoJ its up to ass in alligators with the ATF and Fast and Furious, now things are catching up to the DEA on laundering drug money. See here. And it’s not just the conservative blogosphere taking note. The NYT is on the case too.

UPDATE–Among the many laws and regulations violated by Operation Fast and Furious were the International Traffic in Arms Regulations overseen by the State Department, but apparently the State Department didn’t really care. DoS has been licensing legal shipments to Mexico knowing full well that substantial quantities of weapons were being diverted to the drug cartels.

What If the Democrats Asked Obama to Quit After One Term?

Hot Air has a post asking the above question. I’m not sure the Democrats would ask. Here’s why.

The closest historical example isn’t LBJ dropping out in ’68. He figured it out on his own. The proposed scenario is more like when Howard Baker and other Republican leaders told Nixon that his time was up.

Neither event saved the White House for the incumbent party. It’s one thing when a new leader emerges to take the reins of a party. It’s something quite different when the party throws their leader out.

As the bureaucrats who review loans might say, the optics aren’t good.