The Real Minimum Wage is Zero

Reason has a post up about how the $15/hour minimum wage in New York City is having an adverse effect on restaurants and restaurant employees who are seeing their hours cut or are being laid off. That’s the Real World result of trying to legislate the economic value of any person’s labor. OTOH, some folks believe a “living” minimum wage is like the rest of socialism; we just haven’t done it right yet.

Anthony Advincula, a spokesman for the ROC [Restaurant Opportunities Center], has argued that such negative effects need not happen in tandem with the city-mandated wage hikes. “Increasing to $15 would reduce income inequality, and the number of individuals living in poverty now is ridiculously high,” he told The Wall Street Journal. “This is not just a business issue, this is a race, gender, pay-equality issue.” But if New York City is any example, the measures pushed by Advincula will only serve to make those issues worse.

Let them eat … um … home cooking.

Another Reason to Stay Away

I used to travel regularly to New York City for business. I can remember being able to truthfully repeat the old line, “It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

It’s not such a nice place to visit now. Mayor de Blasio is running the place further into the ground, and public safety is suffering. The NY Post reports that your 45% more likely to be murdered in de Blasio’s New York.

I’ll stay home or go elsewhere.

The Rules of Firearm Safety

Rule 1: All guns are always handled as if they were loaded.

Rule 2. Never point the muzzle of a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.

Rule 3: Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are aligned with the target.

Rule 4: Be sure of your target!

Rule 5: Stay out of New York City.

Here endeth the lesson in firearm safety.

Gun Control Means Hitting Your Target

CNN reports that all 9 of the citizen casualties in the Empire State Building incident were shot by police officers. Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned has some questions for Mayor Bloomberg, and the citizens of New York City deserve to hear him answer them.

How do you expect to have police that know how to shoot when you’ve done everything possible to extinguish any kind of responsible shooting culture in your city?

How many police officers do you think learn to shoot because they interact heavily in the civilian gun culture by taking part in competitions, belonging to shooting clubs, and generally shooting for recreation?

NRA has an entire division dedicated to law enforcement training. Have you ever considered inviting them to New York?

Law enforcement is a profession that tends to run in families. Indeed, a good many gun bloggers come from law enforcement families. Part of that is indoctrinating the next generation in the ways of the gun. If there is no civilian gun culture, how are the martial arts of this profession going to be passed down?

What if there is a Mumbai style attack in New York City? You’re now advertising to the world that your officers can’t shoot. The terrorists are listening.

The bad guy fired a total of 5 rounds. All of them hit his victim.

The cops fired 16 round and hit 9 bystanders. What kind of training standards does the NYPD have for its officers? And these cops were from the Anti-Terrorism unit; aren’t they supposed to be trained to the highest standards?

Pistol shooting is a skill, but it’s not that hard. I haven’t carried a gun for a living since I left the Army, but I still practice. I’m 64 years old, and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, but the picture on the left shows how I did the last time I went to the range with my .45. All of the hits, even the fliers, are within the area of the target that counts for a full credit hit on most police qualification courses. If an old man can keep his skill up, we should expect cops to do so as well.

UPDATE—From the NYT:

From a distance of less than 10 feet, the officers, Craig Matthews and Robert Sinishtaj, answered in unison; one shot nine times and the other seven.

There. can. be. no. excuse.

UPDATE 2—Bob Owens at PJ Media wonders if NYPD officers should be issued firearms at all. Or if they do carry guns, should the amount of ammunition be limited? Perhaps a single round normally carried in a shirt pocket? That kept Barney Fife out of trouble.