Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The recent  news from my home town Nashville reminded me of this TKPOTD that ran seven years ago today.

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One wonders what they’re thinking over at Breitbart Unmasked? Of if there’re thinking? A few days ago, a post with Xenophon’s byline went up that attempted to appropriate the Acme Law theme that I’ve been using to describe the nonsensical legal theories behind Team Kimberlin’s lawfare and apply it to Aaron Walker’s recently filed memorandum in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit. (That’s the suit against Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, Kimberlin Unmasked, and me that accuses us of defaming The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin by writing truthful things about him.)

Now, if Brett Kimberlin is known for anything, it’s for being convicted as the Speedway Bomber and for being the guy who lied about selling marijuana to Dan Quayle. So why, one wonders, would his propaganda website include this LooneyTunes clip in a post?

Yeah, the coyote is fiddling with nitroglycerin and TNT instead of Tovex, but still …

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I’m not the only one who made a connection between the bombings.
Of course, the Speedway Bomber is an unlikely suspect because his M.O. never included warning potential victims.

Cui Bono?

Given the warning to evacuate that was broadcast prior to the explosion in Nashville this morning, it doesn’t seem that the perpetrator(s) was(were) trying to cause loss of life, but only seeking to cause property damage. But to what buildings? There’s speculation that an AT&T switching facility was the target, but who would benefit from damaging that operation?

And why has no one claimed responsibility? Was a lone bomber killed in a suicide blast?

UPDATE—I’ve seen all sorts of speculation about whodunit and motives. Some of them are almost as far fetched as the things that have popped up in my imagination. I’m trying to remain optimistic about the future, but the question Pinky asked last Monday is starting to worry me: “What might happen when 2020 turns 21 and starts drinking?

Christmas in My Hometown

2020 hasn’t been kind to Nashville, and Christmas has been especially ugly. Today’s bombing occurred n the street across the street from an AT&T facility and has caused disruption of communications throughout Middle Tennessee and Kentucky, including 911 service in many communities. WTFV in Nashville reports that 911 centers as far away as Knoxville and Louisville have been affected. The block between Second and Third Avenues and Commerce and Church Streets has had some sort of AT&T facility since the first dial telephone exchange was built there in 1919.

I used to work in that part of downtown Nashville, Back in the ’60s, WMAK’s studios were in the Exchange Building on the 300 block of Church Street and WLAC’s studio were at the corner of Fourth and Church. 50 years ago, Second Avenue was mostly filled with rundown warehouses, but the neighborhood had been revitalized and had become one of the bright spots in Nashville.

The Nashville Metro Police have released this surveillance picture of the bombing suspect vehicle.