Mandy Nagy, Six Years Later

When I began blogging almost a decade ago, Mandy Nagy was one of the most effective investigative reporters working in the blogosphere. Because she had done some of the earliest reporting on Brett Kimberlin while she was working with Andrew Breitbart, I wound up sharing information with her. I finally got to meet her at BlogBash in 2013.

In 2014, Mandy had moved to Legal Insurrection and was just taking over as editor of that site when she suffered a devastating stroke. William Jacobson has a post over at Legal Insurrection about Mandy’s slow progress. If you want to understand how deeply Mandy would dig while researching her reporting, watch the video at the end of the LI post.

Please pray for Mandy and her family.

Mandy Nagy Update

Until her stroke about a year ago, Mandy Nagy worked as a journalist. She has been and still is one of my codefendants in a couple of lawsuits filed by Brett Kimberlin.

There’s a new report posted on how Mandy is doing. You can read it here. While you’re visiting that webpage, you can also make a donation to help with her medical expenses. I’ve just given again.