We need to ban high-capacity magazines. No one has any legitimate need for a copy of an Assault Publication such as Mother Jones, The New Republic, or Time with more than 10 pages.

The First Amendment was written over two hundred years ago. The Founders couldn’t envision the kind of technological advances in printing such as high-speed offset presses front-ended by computer page layout systems that allow modern assault publications to spray printed pages at an unsuspecting public.

It’s time to get the these sturmpublikationen off our streets!

David Gregory’s Magazine

Of course, they can’t just come out and say it, but one of the reasons why the main stream media is pooh-pooh-ing l’affaire Gregory is that the idea that simple possession of an unloaded magazine being a crime is so mind-bogglingly stupid on its face that they understand the unfairness of it all at a gut level. Why should merely holding a metal box with a spring in it be punishable by a $1,000 fine and a year in jail?

Well, our betters passed that law, and now one of them has broken it.

And now we will see whether DC is a city ruled by laws or by men above the laws.

UPDATE–Instalanche! Thanks, Prof. Reynolds, and welcome, Instapundit readers!

UPDATE 2–Ann Althouse explains the legal and moral aspects of the situation to Howard Kurtz.

UPDATE 3—Why, yes, I do use 30-round magazines with my M1 Carbine.