BREAKING: A Politician May Have Lied

A few days ago, a congresscritter from New York told a tearful story of a near-death experience during the Capitol Riot. Reviews of the factual record appears to contradict important elements of the story, and hashtags such as #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet have been trending on Twitter.

The usually suspect “fact checkers” have rushed to defend the congresscritter’s story by pointing out that claim she wasn’t in the Capitol is mostly false because she wasn’t there but in another building instead. Remember, a story may be fake but accurate if it fits The Narrative.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in Congress want to punish a Republican congresscritter because she said some things that don’t fit The Narrative.

On Libel

Libel is the publication in print (including pictures); writing; or broadcast through radio, television, or film; of an untruth about someone which will do harm to that person or his reputation by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn, or contempt from others.

Just as there are persons whose reputation is so bad that they can’t be defamed (Charles Manson, for example), there are people whose credibility is so poor that no one in his right mind really believes what they say (a real world Joe Isuzu); such people can’t actually defame anyone.

It’s really quite sad to be dealing with someone who reputation and credibility are so poor that he fits both categories.