Another Reason to Avoid Flying

The TSA’s security theater at the entrances to airport concourses and the general decline of the quality of service offered by the airlines has been enough to put me off of travel by air. The last time I took a commercial flight was in 2013.  Now, there’s yet another reason to stick to alternate means of travel—Lena Dunham has appointed herself The Central Scrutinizer of Air Port Conversations.

Lisa Carr has more at Victory Girls.

The wrath of Lena is coming, all. She sees and hears everything. Very ominous, indeed. I personally think the airlines need to take this as a staunch warning.

Read the whole thing and enjoy the PLM.

Acme Legal’s New Client: Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is threatening to sue Truth Revolt because she finds their truthful reporting of what she wrote in her book to be revolting. Speaking for myself only, I find Miss Dunham to be revolting. She strikes me as a spoiled brat. She’s ugly, spiritually and emotionally. She’s not much to look at either.

Miss Dunham may not like what some folks say or write about her, but she made herself a public person. She published a book about her weird life. The excerpts I’ve read are appalling, and I’ve made a point of not writing about her, her TV program, or her book. However, now that she’s threatening to engage in the same kind of lawfare that I’ve dealt with for the past couple years, she has outed herself as an enemy of the First Amendment. I will write about that.

Butthurt, especially self-inflicted butthurt, is not grounds for a lawsuit.