Things I’ve Done

One of the things I’ve done throughout my career is teach graduate-level courses to pass on the experience I’ve gained practicing engineering. The first such course I taught was in 1976 at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. It was an intensive short course on loudspeaker engineering. My piece dealt with driver synthesis, that is taking a set of specs and producing a driver that meets them.

One of the students in the course was a local Colorado Springs resident who owned the land at the top of Cheyenne Mountain. He had retired off of the rental of transmitter sites for broadcasters, two-way radio users, etc. He invited the course instructors up to the top of the mountain during one of the breaks. It isn’t as tall as Pike’s Peak, but it still offers a wonderful view.

CheyenneMtnLeft to right: Laurie Fincham (then with KEF), Me (then with CTS), Richard Small (then with the University of Sydney), and Neville Thiele (retired from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Not pictured: J. Robert Ashley (UCCS), Don Keele (then with Electro-Voice), and Paul Klipsch.