Fear of weekends. I wonder if Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt has savvatokyriakophobia? His doomsday clocks have been timing out on the weekends.

BS_countdownHe had one going that timed out at noon on Sunday, 15 September. His new one times out at noon on Saturday, 28 September. I didn’t go poking about his site to find out the alleged significance of the new date.  (One can only spend so much time in a sewer without coming up for fresh air.) It could be that the 15th’s doom is now postponed. Or perhaps there’s a second calamity on the horizon. (The 28th is the day after his paperwork is due to the Court of Appeals.)

Or this countdown clock could be like all others put up by Team Kimberlin—a time fuze for a kookpacalyptic dud.

UPDATE—Today, is the Ides of September.