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In late July, 2013, Tetyana Kimberlin filed an Application for Statement of Charges against Brett Kimberlin, alleging that he had had sexual intercourse with her in Maryland before her 16th birthday. He was charged with 3rd Degree Sexual Offense (what most states would call statutory rape), but the charge was dropped when she later said she would not testify.

That’s not the only story involving Brett Kimberlin and an underage girl. The TKPOTD for nine years ago cites an excerpt from Mark Singer’s Citizen K.

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DredPedoKmbrlnThis passage begins on p. 81 of Mark Singer’s Citizen K. The Gentle Reader might want to see how many familiar themes it contains.

The morning of June 26, Judith Johnson continued in her statement to the police, she had another surprise visitor.

“Brett C. Kimberlin came to our office. He came into my office and closed the door, talked very low, was nervous, introduced himself as living with Sandra Barton, 68 POC #A, and stated he had lived there for a good many years. He told me that his girlfriend’s mother was harassing them, that she hated him and their situation (living there with her daughter and grandchildren) … he said that Mrs. Barton’s mother was insane and that he wanted them to get away from here but that Mrs Barton was afraid of her mother and would not stand up to her.”

“He wanted me to evict them so it would be a good reason for them to have to move away and therefore Mrs. Scyphers would believe them and think they had to move and were not just getting away from her. I told him that I couldn’t evict Mrs. Barton for something like that. He then told me that the apartment was destroyed due to Mrs. Barton having 4-6 animals, that the odor was very bad and that sometimes he had to step out on the patio in warm weather. He said the carpet was ruined. I advised him that I would have it inspected. If it was true and was this dirty we would ask her to move. He agreed. We also discussed the date and arrived at 8/1/78.”

On a three-by-five index card, the detective from the Speedway Police Department who interviewed Judith Johnson—the interview took place 3 August 1978—recorded the following quotation from her, separate from her signed statement: “Brett Kimberlin had vengeance on his face when he talked about Mrs. Scyphers. He radiated hatred.”

Mrs. Scypher’s was murdered on 29 July, 1978.

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I found the image above on the Internet shortly after Brett Kimberlin was charged, and I used it to illustrate several post. Kimberlin tried to use it as evidence against me in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. LOLsuit, but he was unable to find a way to get it authenticated and admitted into evidence.