Buchanan’s Second Term?

It’s being reported John Kerry has said that Joe Xiden was surprised by the French being upset with the AUKUS submarine deal which resulted in the Aussies canceling an order for French boats worth over 50 billion dollars.

The Gentle Reader may remember that one of Xiden’s selling points during the last election was his supposed expertise in foreign affairs.

It’s clear that expecting Carter’s second term was much too optimistic. Let’s pray that we still manage to avoid Buchanan’s.

Another Elderly SWM

Breitbart reports that John Kerry is considering throwing his hat into the ring for the 2020 Democrat’s nomination for President. Kerry says that he’s waiting to see “what Joe is going to do,” suggesting that from his antique, establishmentarian point of view that Biden in the 800-lb gorilla among the Democrats.

He may not be wrong. Two elderly straight white males (Joe and Bernie) have dominated the polling so far, and none of the POCs, gays, or women have broken through to double digits yet.