Looking Out For Their Own Interests

When a political party achieves firm control of the levers of power, it’s not surprising that it will begin to take action that promotes the interests of the party’s supporters. For example, Donald Trump and Cocaine Mitch put a significant number of conservative judges on federal courts, including three Associate Justices at the Supreme Court.

Joe Xiden is doing the same for the his supporters. For example, he’s nominated William J. Burns to head the CIA. Currently, Mr Burns is president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a think tank that has reportedly accepted funds from sources with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, just a return to the Old Normal.

Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

The NY Post reports that the Xiden family is already cashing in. Joe’s little brother Frank appeared in a Florida law firm’s ad using the family name to draw attention to the Berman Law Group’s class-action suit against sugar cane growers. The ad, which ran on Inauguration Day, says, “The two Biden brothers have long held a commitment to pushing environmental issues to the forefront. The president-elect has vowed to rejoin the Paris Agreement and wants to set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets.”

Someone Self-Identifies

Last October, Joe Xiden told George Stephanopoulos on ABC that “I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

During the first six days of the new administration, His Fradulency has signed 33 executive orders, setting a new record by a wide margin.

Hunter, Burisma, and Corruption

I’ve got twenty bucks that says no main stream media reporter will ever ask His Fraudulency about this report.

The records acquired by the Committees show that Hunter Biden and his family were involved in a vast financial network that connected them to foreign nationals and foreign governments across the globe. …

The records acquired by the Committees show consistent, significant and extensive financial connections among and between Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden, Devon Archer, and Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime and PLA as well as other foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds. These connections and the vast amount of money transferred among and between them don’t just raise conflicts of interest concerns, they raise criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns. The Committees will continue to evaluate the evidence in their possession.

And in other news, criminals steal things.