For most of this year, I’ve been allowing almost all of the off-color-to-obscene harassing comments to Hogewash! through moderation, but I’ve been redacting things that don’t meet my editorial standard for propriety. A significant portion of the redacted comments are addressed to Mrs. Hoge or are about her. Quite often they deal with her bout with cancer, suggesting that her case is terminal. One received less than a hour ago suggested that this would be our last Christmas together.

That may be. After all, none of us get out of here alive, and given my problems with cardiovascular disease, I’m a prime candidate for a heart attack. Indeed, with Mrs. Hoge’s progress moving into remission following her round of IV chemotherapy, she’s very likely to outlive me. For now, we both seem healthy enough. With luck, we’ll share many more years together. If not, we will have had a great life together while it lasted. We’ll take what comes.

It’s really quite sad to read these comments. They don’t hurt me—they’re clearly from hurting men who have suffered deeply from failed relationships with women. It’s all so pitiful.

How to Get Banned From Hogewash!

I’ve been off the air for most of the last two days because of this flu. I’m quasi-cogent at the moment with only about 3 degrees of fever. In reviewing some of the stuff I’ve missed, I noticed some whining about not being able to post to the comments here at Hogewash!.

I don’t mind criticism. I don’t mind someone having an opposing view. But there are somethings that will get you banned at this blog.

1. Identity theft. A nom de cyber is OK, but don’t use someone else’s ID.

2. Threats. Not only will you be banned, but the threat will be forwarded to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

3. Excessively foul language or porn.

4. Trolling. It is my policy not to feed trolls.

5. Commercial linking that has nothing to do with the post commented on.

That’s enough for now. I’m going back to bed to sleep off this fever.