America 5.0

James Piereson has a thought provoking essay posted at The New Criterion on the possibility of a forthcoming political revolution. He points to three previous revolutions that bought lasting institutional and cultural change to America. They occurred in 1800, 1861 … 1865, and 1932.

The first brought the end of the Federalist regime and was dominated by the Jefferson/Jackson Democratic party. The second brought the end to slavery and the beginning of serious industrialization. It was dominated by the post-Civil-War Republicans. The third was the New Deal, dominated by the modern Democratic party.

Each of these revolutions was preceded by a breakdown of the old order’s ability to effectively govern. Jefferson’s revolution was sparked by the Alien and Sedition Acts. Lincoln’s was set in motion by the repeal of the Missouri Compromise. FDR launched his via the Great Depression.

The New Deal and it’s understanding of how government runs society has led to our present structural mess caused by so many rent-seeking hands in the public till. As the system runs up against the limits of Thatcher’s Law (The problem with socialist governments is that they eventually run out of other people’s money.), the likelihood of another radical change in institutional forms increases.

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